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New Trade Post Opened on Trandosha

April 5, 2012

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to Trandosha after increase traffic to the system had been reported.

A view from on of the landing ports on Trandosha

One of the duties of a GNN reporter is to investigate unusual or new activity. In this case increased merchant traffic to Trandosha prompted a visit. In one of the larger cities in the system a new trade outpost has been opened and from what it appears is that the local Trandoshans are trying to encourage trade, though at the moment, new personal, confusing security protocols, and continuing work to finish the outpost makes preliminary visits a real adventure along with some frustrations of whom to contact for trade negotiations or other matters.

Members from the Tal'galar clan in the commercial district

Currently, the Security of the trade outpost has been put in the hands the Mandalorian clan Tal’galar along with some of their allies. However, the Mandalorians we met would not give any details on their exact relationship with the Trandoshans and would only refer to who they working for as the “community” not specifying any individual from the local area. As far as information or help, the security personal aren’t keen on providing anything outside their jurisdiction, so it at all possible finding a local Trandoshan would be one’s best bet for information. They may even be able to point out the individuals who will help one begin their business or trade on Trandoshan.

Once the Trandoshan trade ministers, or whoever is overseeing the area can be determined GNN will set an interview with them along with providing more information as traffic increases their the whole complex is finished. For now visitors will have to try to find their own way without bother security until new personnel and information kiosks are put into place. But trade could be lucrative on this world as many goods and services pass through that may not be found elsewhere.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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    The LC stakes a claim in Trndosha

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