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Suppressed Riots in Nar Shaddaa Shipyard

April 8, 2012

Reporters of Galactic News went to the shipyard of Nar Shaddaa under riot.

A group of rioters

Nar Shaddaa: The shipyard of Nar Shaddaa were the location of a large scale riot. The rioters chanted slogans against the Hutt. The riot and its suppression by the Hutt allied caused large devastation in the shipyard.

The rioters first managed to take the control of the shipyard, damaging or burning some of the installations. However, the Hutt gathered their allied at the gates. The most important group were Hundreds Hands led by Frost, charged with Hutt security and an unit of the Revenant Armada dispatched from orbit under the commandment of Darth Abyssus. Also the Hapan consortium with the crown heir Ayeka Kel and a squad from Tython led by the governor Zach Rodchester were present. Later the Imperious and their leader Sihivus Verne were hired as reinforcement.

Combat in the shipyard

They repealed waves after waves in the upper shipyard. Even if some, like the Tythonians tried to stun their opponents, most of Hutt allied were equipped for battle and used lethal force against lightly armed rioters and did not hesitate to finish them off, taking no prisoners. After they captured the upper shipyards, the Hutt forces used them as a base of operation. They were worried about the status of the fuel lines, assumed to be in the rebel controlled zone. They started in the hangars then progressed to the lower shipyards, being more careful at the weaponry they use would not cause a devastating chain reaction with the fuel. They also had to hurry, fearing the Rebel divert the fuel to other regions. The combat was very violent. The lower shipyard collapsed at the end. Insurgent, Hutt forces and civilians took in the battle had to flee when the structure was about to fall.

Combat in the shipyard

It was not possible to discuss with the rebels and to know their motivation. According to leaders of the Hutt allied met after the event, they were led by the baron Kabriel Le’Sanit and supported by the Metus Imperia. The baron was in charge of the Hutt security before he left the moon few dozens of days ago. Darth Abyssus battled and defeated him with a mortal strikel, although his body has not yet be found. Sihivus Verne said she killed Alex Kardel, a friend “liking the chaos like (her)” fighting in the shipyard workers side. Ayeka Kel leading the Hapan Security allied to the Hutt was wounded during the collapse of the shipyard.

Hutt forces storming in the Lower Shipyards

The sequels of this event are yet to be defined. The Imperious wait for being paid for their effort. The Hapans want to investigate on circumstance of this riots and the Revenant Armada will discuss with the Hutt to decide of what needs to be done.The casualties in the rioter side is still unknown. Have they still the motivation and the people to lead other events against the Hutt of Nar Shaddaa?

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Tython Liberation Front
    April 8, 2012 at 7:47 AM

    The Tython reactionary army train to oppress the people under the command of the Revenant Armada? Not a surprise. The Jedi of Tython have not enough mercenaries to break the strong will of the people. How many murders are they expecting to commit against the hard working civilians to hide their misfits?

    Tython Liberation Front

  2. Zach Rodchester
    April 8, 2012 at 9:03 AM

    Miss Kira i would like to ponit out that it was a small squad of NRGF marines travelling with me. to invesitgate the T.L.F appernce at hutt night. When we got caught up in the riots at the shipyard and were forced to defend ourselves the NRGF has no afflation with the reveant armanda and would never want to. And i am sure the feeling is mutual

    • Ayeka Kel
      April 8, 2012 at 3:34 PM

      Hey Zach! remember that slutty looking Zeltron with the hydrospanner?

      … side effects may include. I JUST KICKED YOUR *censored* ASS! lol

      ……. and then I took a Skole to the knee. D:

      And I actually didn’t do too bad in the first IC meter fight where Ayeka fought for the Hutts. But the second IC Meter fight I got my ass handed to me because the Rebels got all the known Good fighters, save a few good ones on our side… myself not really being one of them, regrettably. The FFC, thought was truly amazing, though.

  3. (Captain) Alex Kardel
    April 8, 2012 at 2:39 PM

    (( I’d like to point out that rebels actually won all battles but the FFC escape. The rebel forces weren’t wiped out, but actually continued to repel Hutt forces on the upper docks until a small group stayed behind to defend while the majority performed a tactical retreat to the lower docks area, where we once more won. As for FFC, the majority of rebel forces escaped, although the three of us who stayed behind and fought FFC lost the fight. I obviously can’t respond IC, since Alex Kardel is presumed to have died. ))

  4. Abyssus
    April 9, 2012 at 6:12 AM

    ((Actually, the Hutts still ha one or two people standing against the rioters in phase one, the Hutt forces also won, withtout laws phase 2. Hutt forces lost phase 3. Phase 4 wasn’t about some major win/loss it was about story telling, so while hutt forces may have won,it wasn’t a victory that meant much, it was just helping to tell the story and set up the next part. These factors aside, there was hiccups in this event, from phase 1 and up, that did effect the results, but it was a good experience, with RP far outweighing the drama. Everyone should thank Rei for all the hard work he put into pulling this together. Many people involved had never done staged RP/combat events of this nature before and everyone did a great job as a whole, next time will be better.))


    “The Revenant Armada can confirm that the NRGF had military personnel on the moon that night, and while they were not working for, they did cooperate with Revenant personnel.”
    – Random Revenant Officer

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