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Sith Empire Update

April 9, 2012

Reporters of the Galactic News were invited to Byss during a meeting for the Sith Empire.

Empire Meeting

Byss: In the Sith Empire Meeting, the Emperor Destius informed the court of the last evolution in the Empire.

The Imperial Sith Military is being reorganised. The Emperor commended the General J’ael for this speedy work and the Colonel Stripe, recently promoted from Major. The imperial agents interrogated a suspect in the late sabotages against the ISM which caused the life of many division. He is also accused for the explosion causing the disappearance of the former Emperor Darth Novo. The name of the suspect would be communicated in a later stage. For now, he is being “processed” by the Emperor himself and his agents.

Emperor Destius and Darth Mortis

The Emperor recalled one of his role, as leader, is to contain the inevitable threads to the stability of a strong regime like the Empire to prevent they affect the day-to-day life, whichever this threats come from “Terrorist, Jedi and the like.” Asked on Darth Vyrassu, which the agent revealed earlier he plotted against Byss, the Emperor considered him like a “minor intrigant” which the capability to plot against the Empire are limited. Darth Mortis which led the agents denied he could be a threat and considered his plans were bragging.

At the end, a Sith from a new order proposed an alliance with the Empire, to strike the Jedi and raise the power of the Sith. Although the Emperor and his court mentioned they heard similar pleads more than once, they closed the meeting, restricting it to the council and the newcomer.

Aside of the Meeting, a swoop track is being installed in front of the citadel above the lava fields. Byss has graciously accepted to host one of the trial of the Galactic Swoop Cup.

— Daana Kira