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Tension bewteen Lake Country and Theed in Naboo

April 9, 2012

Reporter Daana Kira spoke with governor Otacon of Naboo about a recent attack on the city of Theed. The Discples of Ragnos (DOR) had left their fortification in the Lake Country to attack their neighbor and were only stops by the arrival of Jedi from Dantooine, the DJE.

Naboo: Governor Otacon of Naboo, specifically Theed, spoke about a recent attack upon his native city. Having recovered in a medical facility, the governor told his tale of what had transpired. The attack was not a full-scale affair, just a patrol from the Disciples of Ragnos (DOR) who had infiltrated the palace to speak with the queen.

The day had started like any other, and several clone troop squads were out on patrol, when an explosion was detected at the palace. By the time the patrols had reached the palace, the inner room were breached and three DOR members were found menacing the Queen.

Theed Governor Otacon speaking about the recent infiltration of the palace

Currently two individuals are claiming the Queenship of Naboo, one found in Theed while the other in Lake Country as in alliance with the DOR. The mission of the DOR force users was not known at this time other than according tot he Governor it seems they had wanted to speak with the Queen in Theed. He unfortunately had been gotten in the crossfire and had been knocked unconscious while with the Queen.

However before he fell victim he was able to send a distress signal to the Jedi of Dantooine (DJE). With their help in back the local defenses the DOR members were forced to retreat. According the governor the Queen was uninjured but was dismayed by the actions of these from the Lake Country. Still unclear of their motives he did state that they were able to infiltrate the basic defenses that had been put into place and theorized that an inside source was helping them. He only hopes that the vulnerable defenses of Theed are strengthened in the coming days and is grateful to the DJE who has been asked to stay and help back the local clone squads until all the defensive measures have been into place.

The Theed forces have to stay most of the time in defence of the city and the queen. They believe being the only one rightful regime of Naboo. The governor is backing the campaigns, like the one of the DJE, lead against them and expect to gain outsider support to remove the the DOR from the Lake Country.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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    (( ooc: 1 error in the title bewteen should be between, in the blow underneath stops should be stopped. in the final last block it says uninjured but left unharmed would sound better, in the last block its says expect but it should be expects ))

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