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Naboo: Queen of Lake Country and DOR on Recent Events

April 10, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to the Lake Country region of Naboo to speak with member of the Disciples of Ragnos (DOR) and the Queen of the region.

Naboo seems to be a hot spot of activity with several cultures and peoples coming to the historical world from wanting to start a new life or looking for business deals with everything in between. Plus several galactic influencing factions have made their home their or are allied with Nabooians which creates several newsworthy items. The most recent events being the fights between the Disciples of Ragnos (DOR) and the Dantooine Jedi Enclave (DJE) and between the Lake Country region with the region in and around the city of Theed. Queen Wanda and leaders of the DOR, specifically Darth Decessus and Darth Sae’hal wanted to answer about some of the recent events in and outside of Naboo and their involvement in them.

Queen of Lake Country, Naboo (middle) with Darth Decessus (left) and Darth Sae'hal II (right)

First, the Queen stated that she had not been looking to make any sort of relationship with Theed or its Queen, though a few diplomats have gone between the two. However, she explained even this neutral view of the others may have changed since sh claimed that a Senator from Theed had tried to attack her when she had come under the guise of a diplomatic mission. She states along with the DOR that the would be assassin tried to attack ther with flames. The Senator would have used either an unseen technological device or force powers to set the Queen’s dress on fire. This was all done after the supposed Senator claimed Wanda was a fake queen. The so called diplomat was quickly apprehended and expulsed from the country.

Next, the DOR denied reports that they sent any of their members to Theed to attack or question their queen or that any of their members attacked their governor. The Queen even stated that her reign is a peaceful one and they aren’t looking to fight or attack anyone else. The DOR has been close allies with her, but they are on Naboo to protect the Lake country region and its people, not to attack another city. The believe by their actions, Theed is trying to conquer the entire planet and eject those they disagree with.

On the matter of the recent fight with the DJE, the DOR did confirm that they in deed have a an ancient Obelisk in their position that was though to have a connection to Marka Ragnos. They also confirmed that the Jedi had destroyed it in their attack. They claimed that the Obelisk increased ones force potential, but its main value was its connection to their ancient master. They stated that the Jedi were the ones to attack them unprovoked, destroying their heritage.

It seems that the conflicts on Naboo are just starting to begin, hopefully all the parties involved will come to some sort of agreement, either between Naboo and Naboo or Sith and Jedi.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. Shadow
    April 10, 2012 at 8:12 PM

    “they are on Naboo to protect the Lake country region and its people” I find that funny from a group that destroyes everything and anyone in thier way,considering pictures were sent out of them burning the place and killing the people.Other then that yet another great story by Galactic News always glad to read 😀

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