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Nightsisters end their excavation in Korriban

April 11, 2012

Reporters of the Galactic News were received by the nightsister Lady Kia in her reteat in the Cularin asteroid belt.

Cularin asteroid belt: The nightsisters following lady Kia finished their excavation in the Korriban tombs and returned to study their discoveries. Lady Kia admitted her search in the Sith Lord tombs was a diversion to their real research. This subterfuge, using actually tamed Hssiss was designed to prevent intrusion from the Sith or the Corelian Mining Company (CMC).

Lady Kia (left)

In Korriban, Lady Kia was recovering the remains of an ancient Sorceress named Lady Tokemi, which was killed under the hand of the Emperor Vitiate. Once found, they brought her remains back in their base with those of her husband. Lady Tokemi, who created the powerful sword owned by Lady Kia also”created some aspects of what the Nigthtsters would become” and they are now paying her homage reuniting her with her husband, before, maybe putting them to rest on Dathomir.

In the excavation, Lady Kia found ancient scrolls recalling the cruel life of that time. Gathering ancient knowledge, studying and teaching them with the nigthsisters is an important part of their activities. She his now analyzing her collect in Korriban in the quietness of an old family station hidden in an asteroid belt. The area is protected by Dark Forge, a powerful battle station, with which she is able to communicate somehow.

The nightsister stay in Korriban was troubled by an argument with Darth Vyrassu based on a misunderstanding and which may have later consequences. Nevertheless, their excavation on the Sith planet looks like to have a positive outcome.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide