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Audience record at the Hutt meeting

April 12, 2012

Reporters of the Galactic News Network went to Nar Shaddaa to attent at the Hutt clan council audience.

Nar Shaddaa: The Hutt clan council audience was busy this night in the Black Hole Casino in the Under city of Nar Shaddaa. Belutric presided over the audience and was assisted by Shaka and Issulla. The translations were assured by Ava Haj’ra.


Jay, an officer from the Hutt Security was the first to talk. Unusually, his story was directed for the Audience rather than the Hutt themselves. He explained the fate of a group of mercenary from Trandosha having kidnapped a Hutt ambassador. Instead of the expected ransom, they rather got a bomb. Jay affirmed he will handle things this way with those harming Hutt interest. He recommended the guest to be respectful of the Hutt and their employees and to bring on gifts. The Hutt congratulated him for his speech while he regained his ranks.

Kaelinn X and the Leviathan Consortium

Then Ava Haj’ra announced the Nasirii Hutt clan, led by Belutric, named Kaelinn X, also known as Baby Girl, as their new majordomo. Kaelinn explained how she was honoured of that new position, proposed to help the other Hutt of the council as well and assured their enemies will become those of the Leviathan Consortium which she’s the leader. When she left, Ava Haj’ra recalled the new swoop raceof the Galactic Swoop Cup, sponsored by Leviathan Consortium and GNN, will occur in a few days in Onderon.

An Emissary from Trandosha

The next guest talked in the name of Shiva Vayne to invite the Hutt and the audience to the regular fight tournamentsshe will organise in Trandosha. He promised to offer an Acklay to the Hutt for their pit. Some of the Hutt were interested to attend and Jay promised he will escort them personally after the bad experience he told earlier with Trandosha mercenaries.

Sihivus Verne

Sihivus Verne, leader of the Imperious, recalled her key role in the spaceport riot suppression and proposed her service if the Hutt needed her group again. The Hutt thanked her effort as well as the Revenant Armada and the Hapes Consortium. They announced the damages were being repaired and were agreeing with Hapes about the fuel supply. They said to Sihivus they were wanting the capture of Baron Kabriel Le’Sanit suspected for having organised the riots. The Hutt also told of recent sabotages in orbit and unexplained caves in the Yun Harla station.


The Sith Sin-Magir came next to propose to the Hutt to buy them back at a very high price any Dark Side Artifact they have from his home world of Korriban. His goal was to destroy them. The Hutt doubted Darmutta would sell his collected. However, they told they will contact him if ever they had such an item to hand out. Ava Haj’ra warned him destroying the artifact will get him deadly enemies. These enemies would even pay the Hutts, and maybe even more, to keep the items intact.


Sellovet advanced to propose the service of her ship, the Persephone, to trade Hutt goods and her relationships to gather information. The Hutt thanked her and added her in their books. After a time after she returned in the crowd, where she was involved in an incident and was brought out of the casino unconscious.Meanwhile, another woman invited the Hutt to a private show of lady’s mud wrestling in the Imperious Jail cells. The Hutt proposed to give a try when the show will have matured enough to become public, then possibly invest if they found a market for it.

Nasaji Oba, Senator of Tython came to discuss on the issue of an agreement between her world and Varonat, a matter Shaka the Hutt was an advisor to. She supported Hixal’s claim that signatures were forged, notably hers since she was not even aware of the document. She reported the Governor Rodchester said his signature as well as Shaka’s itself was forged, although Shaka denied this last claim. Shaka showed his worry to not be paid for his people’s effort. The Senator said she will recommend he will be paid for the work already done under Shaka’s terms, although further operations have to be on hold. The Senator  stated the forger will be severely punished.

Jarell Xaaris

Coming back after a long trip, the Mandalorian Jarell Xaariscame to propose his services to the Hutts, notably Shaka. After the order of the Mandalore to withdraw the Mandalorians from the service of the Hutt in Uvena Prime, long time ago now, he explained he now feels able to work with the Hutt. Maybe because of his trip, he was not aware the Mandalorians had no more overall ruler since a little while. The Hutt may meet him in the planet Eclipse, under the Jen’ari control.

Mandalorians fighting in the Pit

Another mandalorian in the room argued on Jarell’s role in the mandalorian council which he claimed to be part of. Jarell Xaaris ignored him and left. Somehow, the “Mandalorian Elder” Ge’tal Skirata, leader  of theclan Skirata dashed to the casino at an amazing speed and called to make speech. After a short protocol dispute with the Hutt, he stated he wanted to fix a few things notably that Jarell Xaaris never was part of the Mandalorian council like he pretended but only signed the charter. He also confirmed the Mandalore retired. He stated such a lie is worth an immediate exclusion from their community. It will be opposite to the honour, quality they give a central place in their culture.

If some of audience agreed on the point, some also showed confusion. The Hutt suggested the Mandalorian deal with their issues internally, possibly killing the weakest members. Then the strongest ones could present again and make good business with the Hutt. Ge’tal Skirata affirmed the case was sorted with his sentence and the Hutt would be welcome to meet them in Mandalore.

While the audience was about to close, three Mandalorians demanded to jump in the pit. Even if surprised by this unusual request, the Hutt agreed and the three landed in the bottom while a large rancor entered by the opening gate. Synchronizing their attack, they either charged, taunted and fired missiles on the creature from all side. It became mad of this attacks it couldn’t really prevent and eventually succumbed on a last missile hit. Then the mandalorians left the pit.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. faardor
    April 13, 2012 at 3:32 AM

    I dont like how this article has Ge’tal Skirata’s official council title, the title of Mandalorian Elder under quotation marks, I dont know if thats due to the writers not being sure if its true or not or because of some other reason but I assure you Ge’tal skirata is a legitimate member of our council

    -Faardor Laar (Siver)
    Siver Clan Verd

    • April 13, 2012 at 4:50 AM

      Thanks for the precisions. The structure of the Mandalorian Council, including the titles in usage, is totally opaque to outsiders. Their actual members, possible meetings or possible decisions are never know, at the point we learnt incidentally they have no more ruler or they changed it. Their Charter’s content is a secret. Actually it was not clear if the Council was still an effective organisation until this night. If you were at the Hutt Night, you will have noticed the many questions from the crowd, not always relevant, on the nature of the Mandalorians current organisation.

      On our experience, and even if this rule suffers notable exceptions, mandalorians suspected to be part of the council are at best patronising. Often, they are rejecting the visitors, sometimes feeling offended when they ignore what themselves refuse to say.

      ((Edit, OOC: I actually was wrong answering In Character. The Galactic News Network is a spoken media. An anchor is telling text with the same content than the written ones. Therefore you can’t see quotation marks. The Mandalorian council as far as we know refuses to communicate, we have no way to know their internal titles. The character repeated a couple of times the “Mandalorian Elder” expression we never heart before, we felt it had a specific meaning for him, then the quotes were placed to tie the words stronger together than leave them floating in the phrase.))

  2. Mirshe Sol'yc Socarras
    April 13, 2012 at 4:38 AM

    I concur with the previous statement

    -Mirshe Sol’yc Socarras
    Socarras Clan Alor

  3. Jaeger Kyr'am Oyacyir
    April 17, 2012 at 2:15 AM

    Beat da’ fuck outta’ that rancor though.

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