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The Temple of Ashla on New Alderaan

April 12, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to New Alderaan where they met the grandmaster of the Temple of Ashla.

New Alderaan

New Alderaan was colonized a few generations ago for those misplaced after the planet of Alderaan was destroyed in the Galactic Civil War. Since, a royal family has taken over leadership, with Queen Sia as its head. The planet has also applied to be part of the Galactic Republic and sees to be trying to open itself up to a more prominent position in the galaxy.

On the most recent visit by GNN, Master Callista Shan the Grandmaster of the Temple of Ashla gave some information on her order and New Alderran in general. The Temple of Ashla is a Jedi order founded by Callista’s mother. Currently the order had been on the move but growing with several members from a Kashyyyk Jedi order and other joining. Needing a permanent area to set up a home base, the order visited several systems, though either there was not enough space or the order didn’t feel like it was right to compete with Jedi orders already there they moved on. Finally Queen Sia offered them a place to stay on New Alderaan, where they’ve built a permanent area for their members as well as their archives.

The order itself follows the basic Jedi principles and seeks to protect others, seek peace, and safe-guard knowledge. The order consists of several different paths, though the order requires every Jedi to possess fundamental skills such as lightsaber combat. However, those who make it from padawan to Jedi can choose paths such as Sentinel, historian, or several others.

Callista at the new hangar on New Alderaan.

The Temple of Ashla has also joined with the local defense force, filling the New Alderaan navy with pilots as well as contributing several military advisors. They expect that when New Alderaan joins the Republic that new enemies will arrive targeting the system. Therefore, several defensive measures have been put into place as well extensive training being given to current and future soldiers. Also new technologies have been put into place along with defensive structures such as turrets and a new hangar.

The order plans to grow further, recruiting others through their presence on New Alderaan and word of mouth. They will continue to work with the New Alderaan government as much as they can and seem positive about the future.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira