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Black Dawn Organizes Fights on Trandosha

April 14, 2012

On a trip to Trandosha, reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide met members of the Black Dawn who explained their plans to hold arena style fighting matches in that system.

The club

The Black Dawn which had been very active on Korriban have moved their main operations to Trandosha. With them they have also brought the galactic famous arena fighting which they plan to continue and expand. Black Dawn ally and fight manager Fierfek Rick with the assistance of the local Mandalorian clan headed by Shiva Vayne were able to procure an arena where these types of fights are legal. Mortem Siver, Captain and second in command within the Black Dawn Syndicate was also behind the revitalization of the fights, where he said the best fighters in the galaxy could be found.

The arena itself, known as the pit a name carried over from Korriban by Black Dawn leader Wing, was a large complex with several levels for the fighters, spectators, and different type of creatures to partake in the fights. Most of the fights will be set up with two to eight persons entering the arena and the one left standing declared as the winner. Several of the fights will offer prize money to the victors. Other fights will be against a variety of creatures or follow special rules with special fights and competitions will also be held when organized. The fights will involve different types of weapons from melee to blasters to explosives and as Motem put it, the Black Dawn only wants to create the most thrilling and violent show possible. Fighters, who are required to sign a comprehensive contract, put their own lives at risk with the Black Dawn and its allies not being held responsible for any damages or loss of life ad there is no discrimination to who can join in a fight.

A Rancor in the Arena

The audience also puts their lives at risk to view the fights as a stray missile or an escaped exotic creature such as the Felution bull Rancor may cause havoc in the stands, though this excitement is really part of the draw of the fight. Fighters who partake in the competitions or gladiator style fights do it for the glory and the credits while the audience comes for the excitement and possible winning of credits from betting on the fights. The Black Dawn itself will make most of its revenue off the gambling and along with other sponsors of the fights like the Imperious, the Pirate Council, and possibly Hutts in the future also want to find out who the best fighters in the galaxy are, while the Trandoshans themselves view the bloodshed as a religious right and will provide a good portion of the winnings to encourage these combats.Victors after receiving their winnings may also be offered positions in different organizations. As for the losers, if they are still alive, a state of the art medical facility will try their best to patch them up. After the fights, the entertainment will continue with parties and gatherings at one of the many local cantinas, all of which will help the Trandoshan economy.

Motem and Fierfek Rick

As for other activities of the Black Dawn, they will strengthen their relationships with the Imperious, the Hutt, the Trandoshans, and the Death Watch. Motem also stated that they will continue with their slave trade and other activities that are probably illegal in most parts of the galaxy, with him making this statement “…I want people to know the black dawn has returned and were here to stay. We have the best slaves and the most ruthless outlaws in the Galaxy in our midst…”The Pit will hold nightly fights with a large tournament held each week. Everyone is invited and the Black Dawn states that it will be a show not to be missed.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. April 14, 2012 at 2:29 PM

    I’d like to thank Daana and Rakiko for taking the time to stop by The Pit, although there are some minor factual errors I’d like to correct, so as to not confuse readers:

    The Pirate Council, Imperious, and Hutts do not sponsor the fights. I own and run the fights, but Black Dawn funds them, as well as owns the facility itself.
    As of now, Black Dawn is the only investor and sponsor. I merely mentioned that if you can survive the fights, you’re already among the best fighters in the galaxy. And that will definitely get the attention of local factions such as the Pirate Council and Imperious.

    If Hutts and other factions are willing to sponsor the fights as well, I’m sure something can be arranged.

    • April 15, 2012 at 3:31 AM

      Thanks for this precisions.

  2. Concerned Citizen of the Galaxy
    April 20, 2012 at 7:31 AM

    *nods reading about this article*

    There seems to be so much that I have missed that I am playing catch up on. I am once again glad to see that Black Dawn is coming out of the wood work. It will be great to see Wing’s smiling face once more running round to the different planets causing trouble.

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