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Tensions Rising on Naboo

April 14, 2012

On a trip to Naboo. Reporter Dometa Jo met up with the newly elected Senator of Naboo, in the beautiful city of Theed.

The situation here on Naboo is heating up, with tensions building between the lands of Lake Country and Theed. With the recent speech from Queen Adala professing to her people that no treaty will be signed.

Dometa Jo, at Theed

“Queen Adala has been very adamant in her beliefs. We the people of Naboo stand with our Queen. For she is the true Queen of Naboo. The people Naboo love their Queen and believe in her.” said the newly elected Senator of Naboo, Senator Kirkorian.

Senator Kirkorian. by her account, stated she was born on Onderon, her parents Zavarah and Urzuric Kirkorian, now emperor and empress of Onderon. She further explained about how she fled from Onderon, when the Sith returned and took over the once peaceful New Republic world.

Senator Kirkorian of Naboo

Coming to Naboo as an exile of Onderon, she says she devoted her time to helping out the People of Theed. Being friends with the Queen helped her continue her activist work for the citizen until one day the Queen appointed her Senator of Naboo. Believing in her that she and the Queen together can usher in a new and brighter future for all of Naboo. As of right now she and the people of Naboo are currently waiting on their application into the galactic senate of The New Republic, in hopes that the new republic will aid the people of Naboo against the foreign invaders.With the Queen of Theed and her people taking this stand against the one they call the “Queen of Lake Country”, it seems tensions are only going to continue to rise as the eyes of the Galaxy are on Naboo, awaiting the climax to this political show down.

GNN will continue to keep the community updated on future events unfolding on Naboo.

— Dometa Jo

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  1. faardor
    April 15, 2012 at 1:18 PM

    I find no reason to trust any of the kirkonian family, having kirkonian as a senator for the theed faction of naboo only reduces its legitimacy which is in my eyes already lower then the other Queen’s legitimacy. However since naboo is a popular monarchy why dont they just have a vote on it?

  2. (Captain) Alex Kardel
    April 16, 2012 at 3:28 PM

    I’d like to see GNN report on the policies, laws, and politics of Naboo. A recent article discussing the Galactic Senate meeting states that Naboo is not yet a planet of the New Republic. And I was under the impression being a senator meant you were voted into your office by the people to represent them in a senate, which Naboo does not belong to or have. So is her title an inaccuracy? I really would like to see the planetary laws of Naboo.
    It also sits that either there are two queens of Naboo, or the queen of lake country is not truly a queen, but Naboo is incapable of driving the Sith off planet or unwilling. Which makes me wonder why this “senator” fled a Sith-occupied planet only to settle down on another heavily Sith-occupied planet.

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