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Hapan Formally Crowns New Queen Mother

April 15, 2012

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide attended the coronation of Hapan Queen Mother, Anae’La Zelaboard their Star Home space station.

Hapes Palace aboard the Star Home

Dignataries and guests from all across the Galaxy were invited to the coronation ceremony of the new Hapan Queen Mother, Anae’La Zel, which took place aboard the Star Home, a large spacestation designed as a replicate of the palace and main city below on Hapes.

Hutts, Syndicate members, Nobles, Sith, Jedi, Military leaders, and several others were invited, while Revenant Armada under Admiral Abyssus and Hapan security provided protection and security for the event, where no weapons were allowed though a few like a modified Droideka were allowed to pass. In-fact several droids were on hand representing different factions around the Galaxy, though one droid was ejected after it had lied to get in claiming to represent one of the noble houses but was rather sent to give a message that the new queen was a fake. Also leaving early was the delegation from Uvena Prime after learning the Revenant Armada were allies of the Hapans and were providing security. Earane Saralonde. Minister of State of the Hapes Consortium, oversaw and conducted the ceremony.

The Queen Mother's Coronation.

Miss Saralonde began the ceremony after all the guests were positions alongside a large rolling carpet. Miss Anae’La Zel then took the walk along the carpet for all to view her as she headed to the throne area. The Minister then announce the Lady as the room went quiet. Contrary to the previous mentioned droids statements as to the validity of the Queen, Minister Saralonde assured everyone that all the noble houses were behind and supportive of the Anae’La Zel and stated the new Queen would meet with the droid’s owner if they would oblige.

The Minister then began the swearing-in ceremony having Miss Zel promise to several edicts that would bind her to her duty. Included in the promises were that she would govern all of the Hapan people in respect to Hapan laws and customs and that she would use law, justice, and mercy in her judgments. Once the oaths were taken the minister then handed Miss Zela scepter and orb and placed a crown on her head. Then she was announced to the audience as the new Queen Mother.

Guests watch as the Queen is crowned

Once the swearing-in ceremony was concluded, the Queen Mother, then invited her guests to come before her one at a time to speak. Head of Hapan Security, Ayeka was the first to come forward, handing the gift of the “Tree of Wisdom” to the new Queen and pledging her loyalty to her.

Countess of Maurier, Melody, was the next up to pledge her allegiance to the new Queen. She then offered to her as a gift the finest wines from her house, which the Queen Mother readily accepted stating they would sit together soon to enjoy a glass.

Hapan Queen Anea'La Zel

As the nobles finished coming to offer gifts and receive their blessing, an astromech droid from Zonama Sekot came next before the Queen followed by his translator. The droid had been sent on behalf of Magister Salene Lusch as ambassador to congratulate the Queen on her new position. Queen Zel then stated she would visit the Magister on Zonama Sekot, and the droid readily agreed that she would be welcomed.

Next another droid, Medika came before the queen and after making a speech on representing the droids who have become citizens on different worlds without having a master presented to the Queen a rare plan known as Kolctawhich is said to counter the effects of aging. The Queen Mother accepted the gift and told the droid it was as an honour to have her as a friend and hopes that they can have a future conducting different business or scientific pursuits.

The New Queen Mother meeting with her guests, specifically Medika in this frame

Lastly, Shaka the Hutt came before the Queen Mother to offer his congratulations and offered a gift of the finest grain in the Galaxy. The Queen thanked him for his gift and his offer of friendship.

After all the guests had been received the Queen gave a private interview to reporters. First the Queen explained how she had acquired the throne after the previous Queen had abdicated the position. Anae’la Zel comes from a long line of royal blood that had produces previous Queens and it was agreed by the noble houses she should take the position to fill the power vacuum even though she has a lot to prove and correct problems created by previous rulers. To bring the Hapes Consortium back to its Zenith, the new Queen will be sending diplomat to all the factions to the Galaxy to create further alliances and trade opportunities, though it will take some time to make sure everything is set right. As for other plans and appointments within the government, the new Queen is tight-lipped and only time will show what will be done.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. Morrigan Wemyss
    April 15, 2012 at 6:49 AM

    Sadly, I had to leave early. However I do wish the best for the new queen. Given the the situation behind her sudden rise to power, it will be interesting to see how she chooses to lead the Hapes cluster.

  2. Sellovet
    April 15, 2012 at 5:30 PM

    ((Is there a Hapes sim?))

    • April 15, 2012 at 10:52 PM

      ((It was a level of Nar Shaddaa, accessible from the Teleport at the entrance))

    • Anea'La
      April 17, 2012 at 10:41 AM

      (( Due to the small size of the current Hapan RP, Theres no great need for another ‘Home Sim’ To sit empty! But we plan on setting up lots of small Temporary Sandboxes when needed for various RP’s 🙂 ))

  3. Concerned Citizen of the Galaxy
    April 20, 2012 at 7:26 AM

    *smiles to herself reading the article that had past*

    My congratulations goes out to the newly crowned queen. I do hope that she is able to serve her people better than the last one. With that said will she ever decide to visit planets in the near future? I’m sure that the Republic should meet with her and would the Empire. I would love to be a listening device on the wall in those meetings.

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