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Darth Nessa new Queen of Ziost

April 25, 2012

Galactic News was invited to discuss with the newly crowned Queen of Ziost, Darth Nessa.

Ziost throne room

Darth Nessa was crowned queen of Ziost after having been voted by the council. Ziost being a fiefdom of the Sith Empire, the Emperor gave her his blessing “to carry out such a task for the bettering of the Empire.” Being part of a royal family, the daughter of the queen of Lehon, may have weigh in her favour, as well as a speech she held for the council. She wants Ziost to rise again despite a member of the former royal family betrayed the Empire to join the Jedi.

She mocked the new Korriban academy’s advice, which the teachers “call for action of the Empire’s most established Orders to act on something that (they) have not the power to do so (themselves).” She suggested the Sith of Korriban dealt with them if they wished, the Empire will remain sovereign of its relationship.

Queen Darth Nessa

She also took on the “False Emperors”, which would slander the Sith Emperor for the sake of refusing to bow in front of him, while their own power would be quite low. History has shown to her they are not designed to last out their differences to the Sith Empire. She however refused to announce if any decision is going to be taken on their matter, reserving such announcement to the Emperor and His council.

As Queen of Ziost, she plan to rule the people “with an understanding, iron fist.” She wants to ensure “the Dominion and the Empire remain strong in their ties and dealings.” She recalled that the planet is renowned to have a strong Sith Warrior and military tradition and claim its Dark Side nexus power is comparable to the one in Byss.

— Daana Kira