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Business, Entertainment, Republic and Heir at the Hutt Night

April 26, 2012

A reporter of the Galactic News attended at the Hutt council public meeting in Nar Shaddaa.

Once again the Black Hole Casino in Nar Shaddaa hosted the “Hutt Night,” where people from the Hutt Space or the whole Galaxy come to meet the Hutts of the Council. It was presided by Shaka which was assisted by several Hutt and his majordomo Morrigan.

Sellovet supplying the Hutts

The first speaker was Sellovet and some of the Persephone crew members. They brought several of their last shipment of glitterstim drinks ordered by the Belutric the Hutt. She warned the abuse would be dangerous. While slaves were carrying away the crate, the Hutt suggested the captain Sellovet to contact Mooga the Hutt and Tanya Kyrie which are looking for a reliable transporter.

Pallas Athena emissaries

The Nasirii Hutt Clan, represented by Kaelinn X, majordomo of Belutric announced the upcoming race for the Galactic Swoop Cup will be held in the Pallas Athena station in the next days. Other races will follow in Byss, Trandosha, Ord Mandell and Naboo. The clan also opened the doors of their office in Nar Shaddaa upper city. Also they shown their interest to sponsor the Pit fights in Trandosha. They launched a holoweb to report their activities.

Kaarsa Stareater, on behalf of Darth Teninista announced the Leviathan Consortium is about to vacate the Pallas Athena station. The station will leave Nar Shadda’s orbit for its original orbit and start biochemical research. The leader, Darth Teninista, will put the station under the Sith rule.

Republic Vice Chancellor Ta'kara Darkmoon's hologram

Several figureheads of the New Republic where attending. The new Vice Chancellor Ta’kara Darkmoon discussed from a remote location through an hologram asked to the Hutt if they had details on the Hutt which would be in carbonite in Tython, as alleged by a party-liker Zelton the last time. Shaka had no news, only the Jedi Sha’ira talked him and Tython did not answered. The only related case they had was the demand from the Tython Liberation Front of the liberation of the Hutt, amongst several point, for the release of the Senator Oba. The Hutt recalled a imprisoned Hutt was an important case, but admitted that so few clues, the progression of the investigation would be slow. They suggested the Vice Chancellor to meet Ayeka Kel in the Hapes Consortium, which may have arrested the Zeltron and should also have someone accused of terrorism in her custody which may know something.

Sha'ira discussing with Shaka

Attending at the audience, the Jedi Sha’ira from Dantooine was called by Shaka and discussed cordiallon the progress of the Senator Oba kidnapping and the Hutt in Carbonite issues. The Hutt suggested it may be an attempt to degrade their relations with the Jedi. Sha’ira confirmed the suggestion was plausible and the relations were already tense and “could have sparked a war if cooler heads did not prevail.” Shaka proposed the assistance of his people, Nawa, the Hutt ambassador, and Jay from the Hutt security. Jay had to promise to not attack the Republic again to be accepted.

Finally, Shaka invited the Jedi to an upcoming auction where Sith artefact will be going to be proposed.

Sihivus Verne and Jaoo

On Shaka’s request, Sihivus Verne teased the crowd on her common project with the Hutt. They both are going to sponsors a new chain of magazines, apparently about entertainment. More has to come.

The last speaker was the young Hutt, Jaoo, the son of Tiro. He requested the help of the Council and the Imperious to keep his business going one. He said the palace of his father in Mos Taike recently exploded and they have no news of Tiro since. Jaoo is now refugee in his smaller home. Sihivus Verne, leader of the Imperious proposed his help and Shaka tell Jaoo a message of hope, and invited him to prepresent Tiro in the council for now, even if the young Hutt has not full access to his father’s accounts.

— Daana Kira

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    ((The Galactic Swoop Cup races in Pallas Athena will start at 1pm and 8pm, Saturday April 28th))

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