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Shili Ships help in Tython

April 28, 2012

After a fleet entered in Tython System, reporters of the Galactic News were called, notably because of their knowledge of the Togruta culture.

An unannounced armed fleet from Shili entered in the orbit of the planet Tython. It was lead by the minister Lamash Taa which came to express their extreme concern about the kidnapping of the Senator Nasaji Oba, claimed by the Tython Liberation Front (TLF). This fleet apparition caused an yellow alert in the orbit. After they were identified, the minister landed with and discussed with the governor Zach Rodchester on the investigations.

Shili Minister Lamash Taa meeting Tython Governor Zach Rodchester

The Nasaji Oba, Senator of the New Republic is also an dignitary in Shili, she’s allied to the Vashee dynasty and is the hereditary ruler of the Nacaal Tribe, therefore has a seat in the tribal council. Shili wants to make sure Masaji Oba will be returned alive. Lamash Taa was especially worried about the recent interception of a ship which ended by the crash of this one and the death of her crew.

The Governor explained Nasaji Oba was a personal friend of him. The navy wouldn’t have fired on a ship transporting her, but would have used another mean, even if the Shili minister doubted of the efficiency of that mean. He said he believed Nasaji is still safe, even if unfortunately captive.

He explained that many people are against the kidnappers, The Grand Army of the Republic, the New Republic Grand Fleet and blockading the planet will not let her drop. The kidnapper would risk their own head if ever the senator passed out.

Jedi Master Sha'ira in Dantooine

The Dantooine Jedi Enclave is also taking part of the investigation. As reported earlier they had the support of Hutt Agent mandated to investigate on a case maybe related in Tython. Master Sha’ira from Dantooine said she received a message of intimidation from the TLF, but their threat didn’t hold much on her.

By the way, the Shili delegation and the Tythonian managed to agree. The Shili ships will remain in orbit and help at the blockade. Zach Rodchester showed interest to the Togruta culture and proposed them to expose some of the artefacts of their ancient Jedi in the future Jedi Museum of Tython. Even if Lamash Taa answered favourably, the current priority is to recover the Senator Oba.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Lamash Taa
    April 30, 2012 at 6:53 PM

    My counterpart in the Republic, one Defense Minister Adams, has said no to our assisting in the Tython blockade. This action can only hurt relations between Shili and the Republic, starting with a “no” of our own to allowing any artifacts from our culture to be displayed in the museum on Tython….particularly heirlooms from togrutan jedi such as Asaak Dan, Ahsoka Tano, Ashla, Dar’Nala, Raana Tey and especially Shaak Ti. We also plan to file a protest with the New Republic Senate.

    We also still plan to remain in orbit over Tython even if we are disallowed in helping with the blockade.

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