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Voren Redden president of the New Confederacy

May 1, 2012

Voren Redden, president of the New Confederacy, discussed with reporters of the Galactic News about his organisation.

Voren Redden and Mortem Siver

Trandosha: According to his president, the New Confederacy was created by itself the help of some “notable” people, and a large founding. It gathers organisation made of people looking for freedom, therefore they don’t unite relinquish their power but rather gather to discuss on common goals.

This goals are not all revealed. Though it is known they have some civilian trade activity. The Confederacy also has an attack power, even if they are currently defensive and does not designate any enemy. Their outposts are on Trandosha and Ord Mandell and they have not currently a strategy of expansion: if a new faction satisfy their goal and show interest, they may be invited to join. They care little of a negative reputation their member can have in others regional power, considering they are people trying to work for their pay.

On another topic, Voren Redden, which handles political, commercial and security matter in Trandosha allowed their swoop track be used for the Galactic Swoop Cup.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. faardor
    May 1, 2012 at 7:21 PM

    An Amaran walks onto the screen as his eyes were sharp an intense with his hands behind his back as he began to speak,”ladies and gentleman of the galaxy my name is Voren Redden. I am the president of the New confederacy….I have come to simply express what our stance on those pathetic peace loving politicians of the republic stand with us….”a
    transmission would cut in of the confederacy force on Yavin in victory after the intense battle that had happened before cutting out,”we only came to collect one of our people…..we did not come with the intent to cause conflict…but it happened….and we laid siege to the Yavin capital….we are the confederacy….we defend our own…by any means necessary…” transmission would cut out and fade to black

    (posted for someone else, consider the sender anonymous)

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