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New Confederacy Raid in Yavin 4

May 3, 2012

After a anonymous press release claiming an attack on Yavin 4, reporters of Galactic News interviewed witnesses.

The Jedi Moon of Yavin 4 was the target of a raid by members and allies to the New Confederacy. The attackers eventually controlled the Jedi academy before leaving with a captured padawan.

The witness in Yavin 4 we interviewed did not know the reason of the attack and supposed the target was the Jedi Order, although a press release claimed the New Confederacy successfully released one of theirs, that was being kept prisoner. In a recent interview, the president of the confederacy only revealed defensive and peaceful goals, even if he did not hide their ability to strike.

Yavin 4 Jedi academy

During the battle, the Jedi were supported by individual allies, such as Jedi from Dantooine and the  Mandalorians. Attackers are thought to be part of the Death Watch, Black Dawn, both members of the New Confederacy and their allies from the Obsidian Dominion. A part of the defense were used to protect civilians, notably the Vice Chancellor of the New Republic Ta’kara Darkmoon present during the events. The captured padawan was sought by her master and later freed. She is now back on the Moon, suffering from serious wounds.

The day after the event, the Vice Cancelor Ta’kara Darkmoon returned to the Moon and made a declaration where she regretted this violent incident since the Republic would like to have peaceful relationship with the New Confederacy in Trandosha. She urged them to “proper lawful channels instead of causing the chaotic violence.” Further attempts of violence against the Republic will meet violence. To avoid this, she expect the New Confederacy will send them a representative to discuss on the grievances they could have. Meanwhile the legal proceeding will continue.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. May 4, 2012 at 7:06 AM

    “I wish to state that I encouraged the use of proper lawful channels with the New Confederacy of Trandosha. I do not expect anything to happen but I would like to see things resolved in a peaceful manner. Please do contact me or my aid Rin Ghostraven to set up a time for a meeting. There is no need for continued violence if we can help it. The Republic is willing to listen to the transgressions that you believe was done to you. All of this could have happened over misunderstanding. Safe travels where ever you are.”

  2. faardor
    May 6, 2012 at 2:32 AM

    (( commenting as HK-50 ´Crash´ Black dawn majordomo, along with a few other ranks ))

    Explanation: I shall keep this simple. They captured one of or men and then we counter attacked when they weren’t going to give him up. The jedi started the agression first and ever since then we have been holding back retaliatory strikes, although before these Jedi attacks there have been several sporadic attacks by Republic Clones, which I believe to date have all failed in any of their goals.

    Addendum: For a Republic that promotes peace it does not like to negotiate and talks a lot with fire and brimstone.

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