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Senate discussion on the Senators of applying worlds

May 7, 2012

Reporters of the Galactic News were invited to attend at the last part of the Senate.

Coruscant: Many of the senators and advisors attended at the closed senate meeting while several armed guards and troopers supervised the inside and the outside of the building. The meeting was lead by the vice chancellor Ta’kara Darkmoon, since the chancellor is currently ill. After the long, but undisclosed first part of the session, the doors opened for the other topics planed.

Galactic Senate Meeting

They voted on the admittance of the Moon of Endor in the new Republic, vote pending since dozens of days now. The argument was on the Force Sensitivity of the proposed Senator, a padawan from the non orthodox local “grey” Jedi Order. A speaker evoked he might change later and use the Force to influence on the Senate vote. The senators finally voted against Endor’s Moon membership.

Most of the Senators left without answering our questions at the exit about the many current Force Using Senators, some having resigned from a Jedi order, which in some definition can be called “grey Jedi” as well. Senator advisors are also mostly Jedi masters or former ones and this doesn’t looks to be an issue to other Senators as possible danger of force manipulation either. The Senator Shan Connell however explained there is projects to change the laws or the constitutions to clear this points in a sense or another. Other project would clear the position of the Religions and the Jedi in the New Republic.

The next topic was Susefvi 4 which reapplied after having been denied last time, as well for an issue about their senator. This time they proposed a new Senator, Hixal Aulus having resigned from his position. However, as they had not enough information about the new senator, the Senate unanimously (with one abstaining) voted to keep Susevfi’s application on hold.

Hixal Aulus

Lastly, Hixal Aulus, was invited in the Senate to voice on the accusations evoked against him. He thanked the Vice Chancellor for the invitation and denied rumours spread on his account. He reproached the senators to “have abandoned Susefvi and its people on hearsay from one person,” Susevfi needing the Republic for its protection and trade. None of the Senators repeated the accusation, even if one of them told they couldn’t be ignored without detail. Then the already long session ended.

At the exit, Hixal Aulus said to GNN the accusations against him were formed after he wanted to raise a motion of non confidence on the former Chancellor Baccus which he believe “failed to serve the people” and alleged other Senators tried to hold irregular meetings. The Senator Connell said she heard he petitioned for being a Hutt Majordomo, but Hixal denied. He also claimed he met people opposed to the Republic to address the problems with them and not to ally with them.

Senator Shan Conell

Still on the margin of the senate, Both of Hixal Aulus and Shan Connell said they expect the return of the kidnapped senator Nasaji Oba from Tython, although the senators have not much information on the investigations.

Even though many worlds are applying, it appear most of the efforts of the senators is spent debatting about the senate and the senators. Hopefully, once done, they would be able to discuss soon on issues interesting more directly the people of the Republic.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Hixal Aulus
    May 8, 2012 at 7:40 AM

    Perhaps it is time for the Senators, leaders and the head of the New Republic to now serve the true meaning of the Republic, I have been talked about in the last few meetings… what importance am I as a citizen of the New Republic, we citizens seem to have no voice in your system, by that i mean what you say goes without question; when questioned leaders of the New Republic are threatend and make up lies to denounce someones name. I will not go away i will be around to defend anything the Senate does to upset us the people.

    This is not a anti-republic movement this is a opposition to keep you well dressed office swellers on your toes.

    Hixal Aulus – Server of the true Republic.

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