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New Troopers Commissioned in Kamino

May 8, 2012

GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to the water world of Kamino to check on reported new activity there.

Cloning facility on Kamino

Since the beginning of the clone wars centuries ago, Kamino has drawn a lot of attention from several factions, probably due to the high quality cloning facilities and knowledge there. Now the Kaminoans are back in power and have started to rebuild a clone army, though the purpose of such an endeavor is still not totally clear. Currently the government is overseen by a Ruling Council with a communistic outlook, though most of the executive power is in the hands of the Prime Minister VonVu’Lette. The local guard, some of the latest clones, seem to have also been given a lot of authority but they claim to be loyal to the Republic even the world itself is not a member. The Republic evoked a possible candidacy of Kamino and the shipment of clone troopers, notably through the Senator of Naboo, but nobody confirmed this intention on Kamino.

Commander Reas in Kamino

Commander “Reas” CM-06 gave us a tour of the facility as well as some information on the army. He explained that the army had been given a final designation yet, but that they were loyal to the Galactic Senate. Several stages of clones had already been produced, from babies in cloning tubes, to children learning discipline, to fully matured clones in full battle gear. Hopefully the Prime Minister will be able to shed more light on why so much resources was being spent on an army that had no affiliation with the Grand Army of the Republic or any of the military arms of the Republic that employ clones. This new Republic Clone Troopers places themselves under the order of the Republic, and they had received informal requests from some of its worlds such as Dantooine, Naboo or Coruscant. They are still however in training mode and haven’t been given a posting yet.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. Prime Minister VonVu'Lette
    May 8, 2012 at 8:28 PM

    This article was taken before these reporters from GNN had officially met myself. This is not an official statement but a statement from one of the already trained clones. They have been programmed to serve the Republic loyalty and without pause. Kamino at this time is working on an individual basis. Whether the Senate accepts the proposition from Kamino or not, we will still sell our clones, that have been programmed to be loyal to the republic, for protection and security to those within the new republic.

    Any prospective clients that have an interest in clones, need to contact my office. For our clones are designed specifically to each clients specifications. Kamino is an independent and neutral world, we open our world to all visitors. As long as you respect our laws and do not cause any horrid situations, you will be allowed to walk freely and visit the people here on Kamino.

    Here on Kamino we have a ZERO tolerance for anyone breaking our laws and disrespect our hospitality. You will find yourselves thrown into the stormy oceans. Whether you live or not is up to you. Please do not disrespect my peoples hospitality. I am the only Kaminoan at this time to be amongst the public. My people are very shy and in time, may show themselves. For now though, if anyone needs to contact the leader of Kamino, my comms are open.

    Regarding GAR, our people respect their dedication to their people and know that they are as important as any other military force that is allied to the republic. If the proposition goes through in the senate, the clones that are made by Kamino will aid GAR, alongside them. The kaminoan people do not wish to replace or call anyone of GAR weaker or less efficient then the clones we have made. They are loyal and have proved themselves ten times fold. The people of Kamino do not intend to disrespect them, only to enhance what is already there.

    Thank you to those who have visited our world and respected our laws and hospitality.

    Prime Minister VonVu’Lette of Kamino

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