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Clarification on Kaminoan Clone production

May 9, 2012

In a visit in Kamino, reporters of the Galactic News Network met the Prime Minister VonVu’Lette.

Kamino Prime Minister VonVu’Lette (right)

Kamino: In an interview, the prime minister of VonVu’Lette of Kamino affirmed she wanted to keep her world neutral and independent, denying the rumours they would apply to the New Republic. Kamino and its people she represents are not wanting to join any larger union.

Kamino is well known for producing clones for protection usage. Despite what a senator said formerly that prepaid batch of clones would be ready for the Republic, the Prime Minister only acknowledged Kamino sent a commercial proposition to the Galactic Senate of the New Republic and the chancellor turned down their offer. However, the negotiation with other representatives are not closed; even if they are not building an army, the last batches of clones were programmed to be loyal to the New Republic.

Storm over Kamino

That would not prevent the Kaminoan to sell other batches to other organisations for their own need. The prime minister confided they had other clients and the facilities are in full production, though there may be some delay for new orders. The shipped clones are educated to whatever the customer designs them. Usually clones are needed for protection and security, but other positions are doable. After an intensive training, they are sent to the ordering party which has to equip them according their wish.

VonVu’Lette claims Kamino is a neutral and peaceful world providing other the security they need. Visitors are welcome in their worlds as long as they remain peaceful and abide to their laws.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide