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Governor Otacon of Naboo Speaks About Queen Adala’s Kidnapping

May 11, 2012

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide met with Governor Otacon on Naboo to speak about the recent kidnapping of Queen Adala.

Naboo await the return of its Queen

Naboo: As the public and citizenry of Naboo are still in shock over the kidnapping of their Queen, the young Lady Adala, information on what happen has been scarce with Jedi investigators refusing to even make a comment on it outside their local media. But now the Governor of Naboo, Otacon has shed some light on what transpired.

For a few weeks now the Queen had been suffering from a disease which was progressively getting worse, though she continued with her duties rather than to seek medical attention. However on a visit to Dantooine, where she went to thank the Jedi for their support, Lady Adala collapsed and had to be rushed  to their medical facility. There she was receiving state of the art treatment that she couldn’t even receive on Naboo.

During her stay members of the Disciples of Ragnos (DoR), were able to fight their way through security and kidnap the Queen. Officials on Taspir confirmed that they indeed took the queen, though added she was recieveing proper medical care while she’s in their custody. DOR has now asked an important ransom for her return.

Governor Otacon speaking about Queen Adala’s kidnapping.

Naboo authorities are also conducting an investigation with Dantooine to determine how the DOR gained information the Queen was there in the medical facility. The way the operation was done might suggest they had accomplices in a side or another. The governor found curious the Sith presence was not detected before they broke the hospital doors, despite the many experienced Jedi masters in the Enclave.

For now the standing government of Naboo, composed of the governor and the senator have been collecting the ransom, believing it to be their safer option to pay the DOR unless they can receive full military backing from the Republic. On this matter the governor Otacon said  “We are confident this horrible story will come to an end soon, I take this opportunity to ask for help to the republic and Outer Rim’s world”.

GNN wishes for the safe return of Queen Adala and will continue coverage of this story.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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