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Search for Kidnapped Senator Nasaji Oba Leads to Taris

May 13, 2012

GNN received a communique and investigations from independent and local correspondents on recent events concerning the kidnapping of Tython Senator Nasaji Oba.

Taris recently became the center to the continuing drama of kidnapped Senator, Nasaji Oba who was kidnapped by the Tython Liberation Force (TLF) several dozen of days ago. Tight security controls and a blockade on that system seems to have failed to contain the movement of the Senator’s kidnappers. However, investigation by Tython and Shili security as well as the Republic lead the trail to Taris.

Earlier the Shili investigation fleet led by Lamash Taa arrived in orbit around Taris which was followed by the NRGF ship, the Fireball. Troops, agents and investigators were then deployed to the surface with one Captain Uda Nant of the freighter Fireskimmer being the focus of the mission. Investigators had been tipped off that she was involved in transporting the captured Senator. As the landing party fanned out, snipers were placed around the Fireskimmerto block its take-off, though its unclear if the Republic forces obtained permission from Taris.

Taris cantina where the events surrounding Captain Uda Nant took place

A team led by Zach Rodchester found the Captain Uda Nant in one of the most popular cantina’s in the upper city, where she was enjoying a drink. Patrons at the cantina reported that the Republic forces then ascended upon the bar to arrest her, but lacking jurisdiction they were just met with insults and a warning that the Republic would be sued. However, an argument and a physical confrontation broke out between the freighter captain and the republic forces. The Captain was also joined by an unidentified male who came to her protection and a Zeltron female who also became involved in the verbal exchange.

While the incident was occurring at  the cantina, NRGF and Togruta soldiers broke into the Fireskimmer where they recovered an empty hovercrate which was large enough to hold a humanoid. However, since the Senator was not found and the forces arriving to Taris had no jurisdiction or cause to arrest Captain Uda Nant, they left with what little evidence they found.

What transpired then was a series of unusual events leading to the Captain Uda Nant now laying in a coma in a Taris medical facility. After the Republic forces had left, the Captain began to flirt with the young Zeltron that had entered into the discussions. Patrons further reported that the Captain and her new friend began talking over drinks, however at one point her demeanor changed as she became more inebriated. The Zeltron lady tried to drag her to leave the cantina but was shot at during her efforts, though the shots went wild and the Captain then collapsed.

Taris Law enforcement was called to the upscale cantina because of the shots fired. An officer interviewed witnesses before focusing his attention on the Zeltron and the unconscious Captain. However, after questioning them, he determined that it was a spat between drunk individuals and allowed the Zeltron to take the Captain Uda, carried by a Wookiee.

A few hours later, Taris authorities then received an anonymous message reporting a lady tied up in an abandoned building in the Tari’s under city. The victim turned out to be Captain Uda who was in a comatose state and restrained to a chair. She was immediately rushed to a hospital where she is now in critical condition.

A followup investigation revealed the Captain had a powerful knockout drug in her bloodstream as well as large traces of the drug known as death sticks. However, from medical reports obtained by the hospital it was found Uda Nant was allergic to death sticks and would not have voluntarily taken this recreational drug, which left her in a coma. It was also found that even though the Captain had no criminal record on Taris she was wanted by several other governments for piracy and a central figure in the Republic investigation to the abduction of a Senator. Finally it was found out that prior to these recent events the Captain had bragged to other spacers that she had received a huge payoff from a big score.

The authorities are looking for the Zeltron and the Wookiee as the last two having been seen with Uda Nant. They still have to determine what is her true involvement in the disappearance of Senator Oba. As investigators scramble to find answers, time seems to slipping away for the Senator.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira