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Trandosha Swoop Race

May 13, 2012

Galactic News covered the races in Trandosha

The First Race

Trandosha’s slums were especially done up to welcome the many personalities of the Swoop Races, counting for the . VIP boxes were installed for New Confederacy leader and their the guests, many Hutt and allies from Ziost. Other spectators installed in the balcony of the nearby houses or directly in the streets.

The president of the New Confederacy introduced the races and promised a special award to the racers and said few words praising his organisation. The first race started with Nora Saria, Rakiko Lowtide and Mamba the Jawa. Nora arrived first and Rakiko second. Mamba, however lost the control of his swoop which crashed with a big fire. He was rescued and healed by the Jedi Luna from the nearby refuge (TJR) and should be treated for his burn in their hospital. The blaster shots being heard during the race may be related to this incident, although the extract causes are not yet determined.

Racer aligned for the second race

The second race was smoother and was won by the Commander Scarlet, passing the line before Veruca. The records of the races might be viewed on the Galactic Swoop Cup board.

The next races will be run in half a dozen of days in the streets of Ord Mantell, although the track is not yet drawn.

We renew our wish for a quick and full recovery for Mamba.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide