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Darth Sae’hal II running for Bastion’s Grand Moff elections

May 15, 2012

In Coruscant, a reporter of Galactic News learned by accident the Galactic Senate met in secret. Yet another time the Senators did not reveal what they were working on  their electors and instead feeding rumours. However Darth Sae’hal II, from the Disciples of Ragnos was in the city as well, then they talked on his candidacy for Grand Moff of Bastion.

Coruscant: Darth Sae’hal II, Arch lord of the disciples of Ragnos is running for the Grand Moff election in Bastion. He wants to offer to the former Empire Remnant capital the full protection of the “Empire Reborn.” Himself was educated in an imperial family and would like to spread the Imperialism order in the Galaxy. He’s dreaming to combine the Sith training with the Imperial forces and educate the people in both.

Darth Sae’hal II

For now, Bastion has a mutual assistance alliance with the not so far disciples’ home base of Taspir III. Darth Sae’hal expect they would like to be closer to his Empire Reborn regime.

He did not comment the other runner’s programs. For Bastion, he plan to “renovate the rusty world.” At the difference of the traditional Empire values however, he believe the Sith are much superior than the other citizen. Although he considers the Imperial citizen above the other people in the Galaxy. Will he convince them to vote for him? We’ll see that after elections day.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide