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Explanations and New Members of the Republic

May 21, 2012

Galactic News reporters managed to attend at the New Republic Galactic Senate session in Corruscant. They were then invited in the Chancellor’s office with some of the senators.

The Galactic Senate of the New Republic had a regular meeting in Coruscant. Galactic News Network was told first, unofficially, that the press would be allowed to cover the session, although once there they were denied without reason given, one of the guard forwarding the subsequent meetings will also remain secret. Through contact in the senate, the media were finally allowed when they were about to leave. The opacity of the Senate’s votes is a recurrent long running issue. Citizens tend to be kept away of the Senate and are seldom informed of the votes. Whichever they are inoffensive points, such as a new member of the Republic, or more harmful ones like a declaration of war from a foreign power, the decision might be classified or simply undisclosed. The reasons of such a secrecy appears to be non debatable and the criterion is not public. A possible cause is the limited rights and powers granted by the constitution to individual senators, leaving an insecure feeling for them to talk about anything. The Constitution itself does not grant their citizens a right to information, also, in case of a war, it might event prohibit their national reporters to interview declared enemies. An incomplete information might misguide the citizens in their choices, even the choice to elect their senator with full knowledge of the facts.

The Senate Session

When the press was admitted in the session, senators talked about a project regarding the media access to be presented in the next session. Being written by the senator Vandergraff with the interest of senator Connell, it might regulate the spread of information. The objective of this bill was not said.

The first point was an application of Kashyyyk to the Senate. The application having been held secret and the press access having been early blocked, it was sadly not possible to cover the preparation to this decision. The few talks observed were only about offering Kashyyyk  military protection. Eventually, Kashhyyyk was accepted as a member. Trandosha, against which the Republic is at war, is itself in the Kashyyyk system. The nature of such a membership might amplify the issues and it would have been interesting to know the circumstances and the expected consequences of this vote.

The second vote was about Kamino’s application. The application was apparently inspired by the Senator Sunnamoon of Naboo. Voices however deplored the way their clones were handled. The Senator Connell of Bengat was passionate that they are handled as slaves, deprived of free-will, and the batches are raised or killed according to commercial interests, which she qualified as a genocide. Furthermore Kaminoan refused her the access to the medical lab, also the clones were paid by an anonymous sponsor, and she believes purchasing citizens would not be ethical. The Senator of Naboo objected the people of Kamino fought for the republic and would have agreed on a monopoly of sales to the Republic worlds. The chancellor Downz clarified that if Kamino was accepted, the clones will become citizens and protected by the constitution, also the kaminoan would review their clone training to leave them free-willed. The Senator of Coruscant deplored these points were not prepared through the republic channels. The senator Avira Eden of Bakura reproached than accepting a worlds for the main benefit to increase its military would disrespect the efforts of the Grand Army of the Republic, which Bakura hosted the headquarters. The application of Kamino eventually was nearly rejected. Instead, the senators voted to open an alliance with Kamino. The guidelines for theses negotiations were not part of the vote but it may be agree a trade monopoly or a defence agreement. Chancellor Downz would be in charge of the talks.

Meeting in the Chancellor office

The session ended here. Then the chancellor, the vice chancellor and few senators agreed on a fair discussion with the media in their office.

The talks were somewhat stormy when sorting out the multiple concealment of information; the Republic dignitaries endorsed them without reserve, while the press claimed they were detrimental even for the citizens of the Republic.

Before this part started, the Kashyyyk senator Pankaja explained his people are breaking their neutrality to combat the ones looking for enslaving others, independently of their species: “It is with that belief that my people wish to join the New Republic; it is the Republic’s duty to protect the freedom and democracy of all, and it is Kashyyyk’s honor to aid in such a noble cause.”

Vice-Chancellor Ta’kara Darkmoon, which was seen dead in Trandosha’s hands explained the one having been killed was her double, named Alena Sornata. She paid homage for her attempt to save innocents and a public ceremony will be held in Bengat for her. The “death” of the Vice-Chancellor as announced by third party witnesses in the same time that the declaration of war but no Republic official ever commented it. They instead kept their citizens uniformed several days along she was still alive while the Chancellor, leader of the army, was known being sick. Such a blow was likely to down the citizen’s morale at the start of the war, but this way to handle the situation was justified to renew the Vice Chancellor’s protection and not endanger her life. The Chancellor Downz refuted the Republic’s people were demoralized, announcing the Dantooine Jedi Enclave (DJE) successfully repealed both the attacks from the Disciples of Ragnos (DoR) and the Death Watch.

Coming back on the closed senate meeting where senators discussed of the entrance of the war, the chancellor clarified it was an emergency meeting where the senators gave him the ability to declare the war to the New Confederacy. The war was then formally declared a few days after. Meanwhile he informed the Ministry of Defence and the staff of the Grand Army. Although, according to our information, part of the military staff was not aware of the situation. Also the New Confederacy would have first declared the war, which would have set the New Republic in state of war even before the declaration. The lack of information about the state of war might have caused the first few victims of war, notably the hostages used by the New Confederacy to lure the Vice Chancellor. The Republic however denied they could have been protected anyway whichever the citizens or the military knew the state of war or not. The absence of announcement was justified by the will to not reveal detailed military plans. Also, the chancellor denied the rumours about inside trading on military stocks were founded.

Aside of this points, the Chancellor addressed the citizens of the Republic telling “I would have [them] do what they have always done, that is to believe and trust in the power of the Galactic Republic to protect them, and we will. We also ask for their support and should war hit their borders, we ask them to calmly follow the evacuation plans that are set up by their local governments.”

On another topic, The chancellor will discuss with Hixal on the possibility of a trial and with the Senator of Yavin 4 about the accusation made against him.

For the first time a chancellor claimed he does “consider the Republic as a democracy.” Also, he admitted, like any intergalactic agency, the Republic have also weaknesses but they want to address them and learn from them for they become new strengths.

The government does notably real steps toward the communication. Let’s hope the citizens are going to have the comprehensive and independent information required to exercise a democratic power.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. stdownz
    May 21, 2012 at 3:28 PM

    ((Might I say, that for the 15 minutes at the start of the meeting you were not allowed in, we were annoucing that we were going to be trialing something in senate meetings to keep them flowing and at 2.5 hours. The little bit of IC that you missed, was me offically openning the senate meeting.))

    • May 21, 2012 at 3:55 PM

      ((Thank you. Knowing it, the terse debate on adding Kashyyyk, at the doors of Trandosha, wouldn’t become less puzzling 😉 ))

  2. (Captain) Alex Kardel
    May 21, 2012 at 4:19 PM

    (( Kashyyyk, not Krashyyyk. ))

    • May 21, 2012 at 4:22 PM

      ((Thanks, it’s fixed. At least I had the right count of “y”))

  3. Prime Minister VonVu'Lette
    May 21, 2012 at 8:10 PM

    I need to reaffirm the misconceptions of what the media and the senate have been spewing about Kamino. First off, Kamino is in no way or has been receiving funding from anyone off world. Regarding the anonymous buyer, this was a cover as the kaminoan people were in fact funding the project with their own money, and receiving help from respectible people within the new republic like, republic exports. Keeping up a veil of neutrality in order to spare our people from attacks. This did not last long as we were attacked by the new confederacy and the sith.

    The assumptions and accusations by the senator of bengat was uncalled for, as she and the vice chancellor visited Kamino for only 10 minutes or less then that, during the brief encounter. Rudely leaving during a time when Kamino was still neutral. They never returned and started professing lies about our people, as well as our ethics. I believe that this deception by the senator spread through the senate, spreading her assumptions and half baked accusations regarding the people of Kamino and our practices.
    If you intend to get to know the people of Kamino and our people, 10 minutes or less is not enough time to come to a conclusion regarding our people. And leaving a meeting rudely only shows that the vice chancellor and senator of bengat werent at all interested in hearing our or getting to know the people of Kamino.

    I need to point out that no one on kamino,whether clones or kaminoans, are slaves. These false lies only shows that the senator of bengat has no clue what she is talking about, speaking our of her rear even when she didnt even take the time to get to know the people of Kamino. No one on Kamino has been deprived of their free will, whether before or after the events when we lost many of our brothers and sisters after an attack by the new confederacy.

    The batches of clones that were previous on Kamino were discontinued, a protocol eliminating the possibily of the new confederacy taking captive and using our brothers and sisters against kamino and possibly even the new republic. It was a hard decision but with many kaminoans and clones being killed, or captured. It was needed in order to make sure that our people do not become a threat to those outside of Kamino.

    The clones before and after were told of this protocol and it was abolished, the newer batch of clones on Kamino are allowed an option of a new protocol which allows each clone to decide whether or not to initiate the protection protocol, so that they would not become a threat to those outside of Kamino.

    With the new technology that was created, our brothers and sisters are able to return to us. Using this technology, we are able to store each clones memory, exact to the last moment of death. Their memory is storred within a buffer that can be transfered to a clone, our brothers and sisters returning back to us after death.

    I need to furthermore stat that the clones on Kamino are not going to be bought or sold off, our people are not slave traders and will not sell to the highest bidder. The clones of Kamino will continue to fight for Kamino and help out the new republic worlds. Even though our application was rejected, the votes split down the middle and two other worlds abstaining. We knew the vice chancellor would not vote in favor of us, her time on Kamino was short and beyond rude, the senator of bengat in the same shoes as this vice chancellor.

    As well, we are aware of the chancellors former work within GAR and believe that he would have never voted our world into the new republic. Having close associations with GAR, I believe that he would have done anything to make sure that our people do not become citizens of the new republic. As he feels that it would be disrespectful to GAR to be in favor of our people.

    What I do not understand is why the senate, fights for their senators to vote for the world and their people, yet all I could see from the senate meeting was accusations and ambushing kamino about our ethical practices, as if we cannot be trusted or worthy enough for citizenship. We the people of Kamino did not want to join the republic soley based on our military capabilities but far more, this of course was never pointed out in the senate.

    It saddens me that the senate would not accept us and I will point out that we will appeal the decision, as we believe the vote was unfair. I will clarify that the people of Kamino do intend to become a republic world, and become full citizens of the new republic. We will continue to fight for our right to a voice and our right to become full citizens of the new republic.

    Our military efforts are not here to disrespect anyone, most especially GAR. We are looking to collaborate and help support GAR in their efforts. Working together on a united front, for the protection of all the new republic and their important dignitaries. We will appeal the decision and try again for full citizenship.

    With this proposed alliance, to my people it seems that the senate and its leaders of the new republic intend for Kamino to show with actions,rather then words to prove our loyalty and worth. The people of Kamino will not be bullied away or pushed aside, we will prove our worth and will not back down in continueing to protect our world and the worlds of the new republic. In this time of war, we need to be united against the threat that plans to destroy everything and everyone who do not submit to their will.

    We will join in this alliance with the new republic, as we will prove our worth. We deserve to be citizens of the worlds that our people are fighting and dieing for. I await to hear from the chancellor of the senate regarding an alliance.

    Kamino and the many people who live here thank those who have offered support in the face of all of this opposition. We are honored and thankful for the continued support.

    Prime Minister VonVu’Lette

    • May 22, 2012 at 1:47 PM


      Firstly I would like to address the matter of my visit. I was not there for 10 minutes and I am a very busy woman as this was during the time the Chancellor was away on business. I was called away on an important matter and did say my goodbyes after being given a complete run around on numerous different subjects. Secondly, the only reason I didn’t vote yes on the matter was because there were ethical questions that were raised. In the past when there were questions raised similar things have happened. I do have one question for you. When you say a clone is ‘discontinued’ what exactly happens to him/her? In this article alone the reporters state and I quote “The Senator of Naboo objected the people of Kamino fought for the republic and would have agreed on a monopoly of sales to the Republic worlds.” So what are you selling the republic? You have so many conflicting things going on it warrants further investigations and the reason it did not pass the vote within the Senate.

      Ta’kara Darkmoon

  4. May 21, 2012 at 8:44 PM

    Greeting and salutations,

    I would like to take some time to clarify a few things that were said in this article. First off, Naboo has not funded Kamino through anonymidity. After my week on Kamino, getting to know the people and themselves I was convinced of their honor and loyalty to becoming real citizens of the new republic, the same people that they were working to protect. Convincing the prime minister that their neutrality was not the best option, the prime minister and her people understood the light of their decisions and from then on, become fully pro republic in their efforts. While maintaing a veil of neutrality to protect themselves from outside enemies who would destroy everything they have been working on.

    Pointing out as well, I did not say in the senate that Kamino did not fight for The New Republic and was agreeing to a monopoly of sales t
    o the new republic worlds. In fact, I mentioned that Kamino was offering their services, and was not asking for money. After being pulled into the war, they wanted nothing more to offer their clones to the protection of the new republic and to aid in the war.

    I find it also interesting that people were convinced the only reason kamino was joining, was because of their military capabilities. Which seemed to overshadow the many other benefits of having kamino as a republic world. I do hope that the senate and its members do take time to revisit the application to Kamino as I believe the people of kamino deserve the right to be citizens and members of the new republic, especially with them dieing and fighting for what we all believe in. An alliance I believe, will be a great step in the right direction, for the world of Kamino to one day become a republic world.

    Regarding the press issues, I do believe the press should be more involved. The people deserve the right to know what their elected leaders are fighting for within the senate, as long as it doesnt cause a breach in security. I have always been an advocate of the associated press. I believe their work is very honorable and should be respected for their efforts. They put their lives on the line to bring the stories of people and their lives around the galaxy.

    Even in this time of war, their efforts are needed and should be allowed to attend meetings of the senate as long as it does not conflict with a breach in national security. As well, I believe the senators of the senate should continue to retain the powers given to them by the constitution. In this time of war, I must point out that we senators need to be more united together. We need to remember the past and the mistakes done. Try our best not to make the same mistakes, especially in this time of war.

    United the galactic senate and its many members can and will protect the people of the new republic, and meet violence with violence. We are a peaceful people and do not intend to cause conflict or spill blood. But we will protect our people and the many innocents who do not deserve the kind of terrorism that is being put upon them.

    Long Live The New Republic and Long Live The Galactic Senate.

    Senator Sunamoon of Naboo

  5. Edna Peal
    May 21, 2012 at 11:57 PM

    So, the security of the whole Republic relies on individually elected senators, which could be any Jane or Joe. Just one of those many senators or one of their advisors, named on unknown criterion, say a word too much and everyone die. It’s scary.

    Now, anybody can claim they’re the king of their asteroid and apply. The senate of course filters, but mainly on the behaviour of the first senator then and not the world itself. Pick an anonymous guys on a desert world nobody ever heart about and you’ve all chance to be in.

    We’re doomed!

    • Xan Qenadius
      May 22, 2012 at 1:33 AM

      Do you have a clue at ALL about what you are talking about?

  6. Anon
    May 22, 2012 at 5:20 AM

    Seems she does yeah, that is exactly how it goes.

  7. (Captain) Alex Kardel
    May 22, 2012 at 11:45 AM

    When ever did the Republic forget what a senator is?

    A senator is meant to be a representative of their planet (or sometimes system) that voices their peoples’ decisions and concerns.
    A senator is not meant to be an elected ruler, president, or prime minister and a senate is not meant to be a place where these individuals can meet up and throw threats, suspicions, and rumors about; that’s called a bar.

    Is it any wonder why more and more Republican citizens flock to Hutt Space and Confederate systems? Your senate is your biggest enemy; the CIS and Hutts are merely the result of its corruption and inefficiency.

  8. Red Ghost
    May 22, 2012 at 12:35 PM

    To the annoying rabble of guards outside the Senate building… The area in front of the door is RESERVED for Ghost Units, when requested by the Chancellor. Next time I find you there, refusing to move when instructed by the Captain of the Guard, I’ll simply settle it the old fashioned way. Not a man of pleasentries anyhow.

  9. Not Really Here
    May 23, 2012 at 12:44 AM

    Not too long before the Republic falls apart.

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