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Revival of the Great Bounty Hunt

May 23, 2012

GNN Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to Ord Mantell where they met with Captain Alex Kardel to speak about the Great Hunt.

Alex Kardel of the Free Galaxy Corporation has set in motion to begin an ancient tradition of the Great Hut where bounty hunters from across the galaxy compete to determine the best of them. Shaka the Hutt and Sihivus Verne of the Imperius are also partners in sponsoring the vent where a purse of ten million credits is up for grabs. Both Kardel and Sihivus are members of the bounty hunter guild and hope this hunt revival will bring more prestige to the profession.

Alex Kardel, one of sponsors of the Great Hunt, explaining the event

Any hunter may join the Hunt though they will be required to have a sponsor, even more so if they aren’t part of the Hunter Guild. The sponsor will then register with the Guild to keep track of the Hunters progress. Any public Bounty can be collected for the hunter’s progress, though Kardel feels most of the Hunter’s will go after high profile or high priced targets such as senators or crime lords. Kardel would also like most of the bounties be registered with the Guild as well as private bounties are unfavoured.

The contest which has root in several older traditions from Rodia and even Galactic Hunts of old will last for a month. At the end each of the contestants bounties collected will be totaled and a winner named. The winner will not only win the large amount of credits, but also the prestige of being the best. This should allow them to pick from the top bounties in the future. The whole event is designed to be neutral with no questions asked of why bounties are placed or limitations who they can be on, even possibly some of the sponsors. If factions or individuals have complaints they should work with the person placing the bounty. The guild is merely doing a job and will go after what ever the highest bounties posted are. For now most of the bounty received come from Hutts, crime bosses, or the confederate.

If one wishes to join in the Hunt, contact of Alex Kardel or Sihivus Verne to sign up and obtain a sponsor. Announcements will also be made at Hutt Night. Good luck to all those participating and please respect those areas where bounty hunting is illegal.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. Concerned Citizens of The New Republic
    May 27, 2012 at 6:01 PM

    why isnt anyone noticing that they intent to make a huge event based on killing people? terrorists in the news.

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