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Upscale Massage Parlor Opens in the Upper Level of Nar Shaddaa

May 28, 2012

Reporter Daana Kira and Editor Danrick Shadowstar met with the owner of newly opened massage parlor on Nar Shaddaa to speak about her business.

Lady Eris’ massage parlor on Nar Shaddaa

Nar Shaddaa: In the upper levels of this Hutt moon, a new entertainment business has opened. Lady Eris Astraea, formally from Coruscant, has established a new massage parlor. Previously she had operated one in the lower levels of Coruscant, but wanted to move somewhere where she could establish a more respectable business and hopes to bring some class to this part of the moon.

Starting at the parlor as a masseuse, Lady Eris worked her way up to operator then owner. Not wishing to continue the seedier part of the business she looked for a more appropriate place to re-open. Not quite able to move to the upper levels of Coruscant yet, where she would be in the mist of politicians and powerful business men she looked for another area that could bring the type of clientele she wanted her business to attract. Nar Shaddaa afforded that opportunity.

She explained what type of services her business will provide, stating that they will provide for the entertainment of those looking to relax. A hostess will welcome clients who will be given refreshments and conversation to help them relax. They then will be able to choose an employee to give them a massage in the well-equipped rooms. The type of massageis up to the client, from a simple shoulder rub to a full body deep-tissue. Lady Eris made a point to distinguish her business from those of less respect, stating the lower levels had several brothels for those looking for that type of service.

Lady Eris showing one of her massage rooms

The business will open within a week and Lady Eris is looking for experienced and skilled masseuse and hostess as well as enforces to secure the safety of employees and clients. She does not discriminate in potential clients and people of all genders, species, orientations and factions will be welcomed, but she will make sure that everything is peaceful as her enforces will put a stop to any conflicts such as between a bored Jedi and Sith. Also several different packages ranging in price will be offered to make sure everyone can get a relaxing massage.For those that may have trouble traveling to parlor, Lady Eris and her employees will make house calls.

Lady Eris is also on good terms with the Hutt Council, having already set up to pay her taxes. Furthermore she has the support of the Nasirii clan and may form a stronger partnership offering discounts to the Hutt, drink and massage packages with Baby Girl’s pub, the Blind Spot, and maybe others as she speaks more with the Council.

All employees of the parlor will be paid well. She wants each of them to have the opportunity to work hard and improve their station in life. Enforcers will be given the option to be paid or given massages but she wants each of the masseuse to have a modest stipend and tips. Most of the masseuse will be females but Lady Eris will hire a couple of males to satisfy the demands of the customers.

Lady Eris hopes her business will do well here, and will expand when able, to a larger facility, more entertainment packages and to the other worlds. For now she will work hard to get her business up and running. So if you want a great massage in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, please look for Lady Eris in the upper levels. Further announcements of her opening will be made at Hutt Night. Also those looking for employment are encouraged to contact her.

— Danrick Shadowstar, Daana Kira

  1. Morrigan Wemyss
    May 28, 2012 at 8:53 AM

    We of course, encourage any one who is in the upper city of Nar Shaddaa to stop by and make use of the palor. The city has many such services for those who have the credits to afford all of their services, most find their stay quiet enjoyable.

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