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A Perspective of War from Members of the Obsidian Dominion

May 30, 2012

GNN Reporter Daana Kira and Editor Danrick Shadowstar traveled to Ziost to speak with the Obsidian Dominion about their involvement in the war between the Republic and the New Confederacy.

Obsidian Dominion stronghold on Ziost

Ziost: Upon the cold and ice of this Sith stronghold lives the Obsidian Dominion. This longstanding Sith order with strong ties to other organizations and a member of the Sith Empire is no stranger to conflict. Most recently they’ve been involved in the New Confederacy-New Republic war as an ally of the Black Dawn. GNN was able to speak to a member of the Dominion, Lady Luna, who consequently was engaged in a discussion with her apprentice and another visitor named Crow, over war, peace, and the purpose of conflict.

Mainly able to only give her opinion, Lady Luna was able to corroborate a few things, that others from around the Empire had said, though no formal proclamation from the Dominion or Empire had been given yet. From their understanding the Obsidian Dominion was so far acting on their own as an ally of the Black Dawn, a member of the Confederacy, and was waiting for what the Sith Empire was to say, though as of now the Empire hasn’t entered the war nor made any proclamations to this effect. Witnesses on Byss also attested to this, stating that the Empire had not entered the war and no announcements were made. Its possible something may come out from an upcoming meeting, but it looks doubtful that they will enter. In any event, the Dominion itself is growing stronger and has a powerful military to aid their ally if they wish to.

Lady Luna (left) with the visitor to Ziost, Crow (right)

As for her opinions, she stated that the Dominion needed to act on behalf of their ally so that the strong will bring a quick end to the war. Peace and harmony can only be obtained when the strong are able to control everything. With the Republic out-of-the-way, stability for the entire galaxy will finally be obtainable, possibly with the Empire as the most powerful and controlling force. Otherwise there will always be conflict between the Jedi and Sith, between life and death, and there will never be peace. So far members of the Dominion have used this philosphy to aid the black dawn even though the entirety of this Sith order isn’t a party to the war.

Crow, the visitor, also shared this sentiment and along with Lady Luna continued the philosophical discussions about the necessity of conflict. Both agreed that a conflict between the Jedi and the Sith can never be constrained to only those parties, as people will naturally take sides and conflict will erupt between them as well. So the only outcome is continued conflict or the strong finally control everything bringing peace.

Whatever ones view or perspective, it looks like this ware between the Confederacy and the Republic will be drawn out. The rest of the galaxy can only hope it doesn’t spread to other parts and that as the Empire and Obsidian Dominion bides their time to decide if they fully enter the conflict or not, the conflict won’t spiral out of control.

— Danrick Shadowstar, Daana Kira