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GAR Moves to New Location on Bakura and Prepares to Host a Galactic Cup Race

May 31, 2012

Reporter Daana Kira and editor Danrick Shadowstar were on Bakura to look over the track for an upcoming race and were able to speak to officers of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Bakura Mag, Swoop Champion and member of the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR), has overseen the building of a swoop track for the Galactic Swoop Cup. Built in an old star destroyer in orbit around Bakura, it’s been specially sealed and should provide a challenge for the swoop racers. GNN along with Baby Girl oversaw the final adjustments and are prepared to make the final announcements for this leg of the Cup over the next few days. GAR officers Corporal “Scout” and ARC trooper “Wraith” were also on hand overseeing the final preparations for the track.

Bakura race track for the Galactic Race Cup.

As for the GAR itself, Wraith explained that when they were moving from the city of Salis Daar they saw that they had brought prosperity and a high quality of life to this district. Knowing that other districts around Bakura are still in need, they’ve decided to reorganize to one of the more impoverished sectors. The exact location being kept secret for the time being but a formal GAR announcement should be made soon.

Declining to comment on the re-organization of military forces by the Senate, Wraith did have an opinion on the Republic-Confederacy war. He described the Confederacy attacks as brutal without cause or reason and stated that their troops are nothing but thugs who got a hold of weapons. He believes the Republic, for which the GAR fights for and has been around longer than the Confederacy will prevail and bring peace to the Galaxy.

ARC Trooper Wraith and Corporal Scout of the GAR.

On a final note, the GAR is still investigating the recent announcement of an unknown individual who stated they had kidnapped a shocktrooper. Wraith stated that there’s really no security issue as this supposed kidnapped shocktrooper is not of the regular army, all the shocktroopers being accounted for. Wraith was under the belief this was a set up by a thug looking to swindle money from the GAR and stated that the clone in question was of an older design, his features different from the regular GAR with darker skin and longer air. Furthermore the shocktrooper armour is easily reproduced. The GAR though is still investigating as the clone could be one from an Outer Rim or forgotten squad and all threats to the GAR are taken serious.

— Danrick Shadowstar, Daana Kira