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Opposing Factions Try to Agree with the Hutt

May 31, 2012

Galactic News reporters attended to the Hutt might in Nar Shaddaa.

Many Hutt and other people attended at the Hutt Council public audience, also known as the Hutt Night. It was presided by Belutric the Hutt and orchestrated by Nawa.

Lo Nuk from Kamino

The first speaker was the Ambassador Lo Nuk of Kamino which requested the assistance of the Hutt Council for his world. Under attack from the New Confederacy and the Disciples of Ragnos, they requested the Hutt help defend them. He proposed in exchange for joining the Hutt Space to give the Hutt access to the Kamino cloning facilities. The Hutt showed being interested by possible new business and should send an emissary to the planet in a few days to negotiate.

Lady Eris, from Lady Astraea’s Massage Parlour

After he left, Lady Eris, proprietress of Lady Astraea’s Massage Parlour stepped forward to announce the upcoming opening of her business in the upper city. She also said she was still looking for employees and she will offer the first massages for the Hutt Council for their cooperation. The Hutt, indeed fully supported her business and announced the council will protect the establishment.

Then Nawa welcomed Shade as new General of the Enforcers for the Nasirii clan of Belutric. Kaelinn X, the majordomo of the Nasirii announced the next race for the Galactic Swoop Cup will be in the underwater track of Kamino in a dozen of days.

Alex Kardel of the New Confederacy

Alex Kardel, ambassador of the New Confederacy then came and claimed Kamino was member of their enemy, the New Republic, and for this reasons, the enemies of the Hutt. He suggested the alliance offer from Kamino might be a trap to capture Hutts. The Hutts thanked him for his advise. However, according to our information, Kamino is not member but only allied to the New Republic; their treaty covers a mutual protection and leaves the Republic as an outlook on their foreign relationship.

Alex Kardel also wanted to apologize on behalf of the New Confederacy from the recent attack from the commander Mortem, acting by his own, against the Hutt interest and he wanted to repair the damages. The Hutt accepted the apologizes and expect to reestablish the former trade ties after the payment will be done.

When he was wanting to leave, he announced the bounty on one of the Hutt was still running, as part of the Grand Hunt. Belutric was upset and placed a higher counter bounty on the captain. He answered sarcastically he believed to worth more. The Hutt threatened him to drop him in the pit and he accepted this fate. Jay from the Hutt Security jumped to challenge him along with Shade.

Luna Tesoro and Tyrron Archria

Luna Tesoro and Tyrron Archria from the Trandosha Jedi Refuge then approached to apologize for the event in the last Hutt Night where Tyrron killed his kidnapper in public. He offered fruits and a gold medallion to the Hutt. He also proposed to their aid to for the Hutt security, provided they can still adhere to their code, and medical help. The Hutt accepted the gifts and appreciated the proposition, even if some were confused it came from Jedi.

Captain Sky of the Renegade Fleet

The captain Sky of the Renegade Fleet was the next speaker. He announced the refit of the Victoria was completed. Claiming she was one of the most advanced ship of her class, invited everyone to visit in orbit in Nar Shaddaa. He proposed to the Hutt to finance the mass production of such improved ships. He also reported the good state of the fleet. The Hutt were excited to visit the new ship as soon as possible, probably they went after the audience.

General Rilat and Darth Sae’hal II

Then Nawa announced The General Rilat of the Empire Reborn‘s Imperial Stormtrooper Corps and member of the Empire Reborn’s Moff council representing the Disciples of Ragnos. He approached to make a counter proposal on Kamino‘s offer. He started claiming the inferior quality of the Kamino clone troopers, which they’ll have easily defeated in a raid. Then proposed the Hutt, if they remained neutral, to resume the Tibanna gas business with the upcoming reopening of their outpost in Bespin. The Arch Lord Darth Sae’hal II approached and recalled the Disciples of Ragnos had good relationship with Bellutric when they were in Mos Espa and he now wanted to extend the trade with all the Hutt Council. He also said he would be eager to buy from them the supplies they needed. The Hutt considered the advantage to remain neutral, and showed interest for trading with the Empire Reborn. The details would be discussed privately.

Apparently several enemies faction try to make business with the Hutt. Even if nothing was yet formally agreed, this might add some more confusion in their mutual opposition.

— Daana Kira, Danrick Shadowstar

  1. Prime Minister VonVu'Lette
    May 31, 2012 at 11:52 PM

    I will only say this once. Lo Nuk is not an ambassador of Kamino. He is a rouge operating without the good intentions of Kamino, his activity on Nar Shadda is illegal. Kamino will not work with the hutts or even open trade with those who would sell and trade illegal activities.

    Prime Minister VonVu”Lette of Kamino

    • Sihivus Verne
      June 1, 2012 at 1:53 AM

      ”Our activities are quite legal in Hutt Space. Do you not know the process of law, Prime Minister? I cannot help but think that your position is perhaps wrongfully earned, if such is the case.”

      • June 1, 2012 at 8:22 AM

        I think she may have meant, illegal by her own world’s law and therefore a fugitive of Kamino.

    • Morrigan Wemyss
      June 1, 2012 at 8:43 AM

      As Verne has stated, he is doing nothing illegal in hutt space. Our laws tend to be..slightly different than the ones that rule the republic. I do find it entertaining however, that whilst the republc claims we are lawless crimals on one hand, they claim to be open to trade, or they are occurding to Von’Vu’Lette. Perhaps if they would find dealing with us far more smoother, if they where to make up their minds what we are.

    • (Captain) Alex Kardel
      June 1, 2012 at 9:18 PM

      I spoke privately with Lo Nuk before speaking. He said you yourself told him to attend and he was merely following out your wishes and orders.

      As for the prospect of an alliance or trading agreement, according to the treaty between Kamino and the New Republic, this is illegal because Shaka is the only member of the Hutt Council not considered an enemy of the Republic itself, although I’m sure trading agreements with Shaka only would be technically legal.

      I was mistaken on saying Kamino is a member of the New Republic, for it’s merely aligned with the government, or so I’ve been told.

      As for the bounty, I do believe myself worth more. Belutric only put a one million credit bounty on my head. I got it bumped up to twenty-one million. And I killed your sarlacc.

      This bounty still stands, for anyone willing to give me a good time.

  2. Prime Minister VonVu'Lette
    June 1, 2012 at 1:38 PM

    Once again, as stated, his mere presence in Hutt Space is illegal. Lo Nuk holds no clout on Kamino and Kamino will not be offering cloaning technology to the hutts. Alot of you may find it entertaining but, the people of Kamino do not. The people of Kamino’s minds are made. Lo Nuk is a fugitive as he is working outside the law of Kamino, with no authorization from the government. Lo Nuk is to be arrested on sight by authorities.

    Whether my position is wrongfully earned is not up for question, it is overstepping ones own authority to those above the rest of the kaminoan people. This I will not have and I hope that the rest of the community understands this. Kamino is an independent government in an alliance with the new republic at this time. Kamino is not and will not be involved in illegal activities on world or abroad.

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