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Galactic Senate Defence Forces bill discussions

June 4, 2012

Galactic News Reporters were invited to follow the Senate Meeting.

Once again the Galactic Senate meet out of Coruscant. The Chancellor Downz started to draw a state of the Republic. The New Republic held their defence and their worlds were safe from the New Confederacy attacks. Also the New Confederacy would merge with the Sith Empire which would change the war. Although the bits of informations we have would only state they merge with other members of the Empire; it was not yet possible to meet Empire dignitaries to confirm.

The Senate Meeting

The main matter of the Senate was to discuss on the “Article 4”, a defence force reform introduced by the Senator Tiffany Vandergraff which has to be added to the constitution. The bill would give a status of the Grand Army of the Republic, the New Republic Grand Fleet and the Senate guards, as well as the Jedi and will address how they could work together. They would also restrict the operation they might lead out of the Republic to the approval of the Chancellor.

On this matter, the Jedi Kyrain Rhandt from the Galactic Liberation Army found “a bit far fetched” the idea the Jedi Orders swear a oath to the Republic, although it could be done since the Jedi share the ideals of peace and democracy of the Republic.

The rest of the debate was to discuss on the Senator Shan Connell’s amendment to rephrase some parts. The vote of the bill was adjourned for a following session.

Senators Tiffany Vandergraff-Imari and Shan Connell

After the meeting the Senators Vandergraff and Connell kindly remained to talk about the bill. The Senator Vandergraff, writer of the bill told it was designed to address hostile external operations led by military groups, the bill is expected to prevent their unwanted actions are covered by the Republic and will make this group hold them accountable to the senate, eventually making their action the ones of the Republic. The Senator Connell exemplified mentioning former assault against Nar Shaddaa.

For the Senator Vandergraff, the bill will also share the responsibilities between the different organisations. Small scale operations would be exempt of a prior validation. Inside of the Republic, the army might be called to replace a missing police; it wouldn’t be to the Jedi to enforce the laws. The Jedi would more likely to be employed for diplomacy. Having to fulfill missions mandated by the Chancellor, they would comply with the policy reserving foreign relationships to the Senate for the sake of consistency and not to the individual world members, policy, which she said, is in the constitution.

On a different topic, the Senator Connell announced the Jedi of Yavin IV have dropped all charges against the Bengat citizen General Anokou. Also the Chancellor Downz discussed privately with the representative of Endor, likely about the recent raid from the Disciples of Ragnos.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Talia Kristan-Seda
    June 4, 2012 at 6:57 PM

    The Chancellor Downz, has a history of defence, as a former Shock trooper of the Grand Army of the Republic, so he does have the knowledge to do so. Power over the allied defences forces is something else, in which i am not convinced on. If all Jedi orders agree to take orders from the Chancellors office will be a… Funny day indeed.

  2. Salene Lusch
    June 4, 2012 at 11:56 PM

    So the member worlds gave up their sovereignty and become incompetent at tying relationships with other systems… And for what result? So far, the republic foreign politic is limited to military alliances, war declarations and territorial expansion. I fail to see how trusting the diplomacy to a religious sect who is not represented in the worlds they would be supposed to visit, will improve the situation.

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