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Trandosha Jedi Refuge in the Eye of the Storm

June 7, 2012

Galactic News network interviewed Luna Tesero from the Trandosha Jedi Order, trying to clear some of the last events on the planet.

Some news about the recent events in Trandosha, capital world of the New Confederacy, were revealed by the Jedi Luna Tesero from the Trandosha Jedi Refuge (TJR). The refuge tries to keep good relationship with every party, therefore they appear to end in the middle of a struggle they don’t want.

First, the New Confederacy president Voren Redden is certainly still alive according two different sources. The news about his death were either wrong or exaggerated. The Jedi complained he keeps harassing them and violates routinely their agreement. He’ll have have kidnapped one of the order’s padawan for a short time the night before. In general, he would look hostile to their presence, while other dignitaries of the New Confederacy welcome the Jedi, as long as they are in peace with the organisation.

Jedi Luna Tesero

Most Jedi are indeed in the Republic, and the Republic is at war against the New Confederacy. The Jedi of Trandosha are however trying to keep good relationship with their fellow Jedi of the Republic. They are notably allied with the Dantooine Jedi Enclave and try to support the Republic, which, they believe, is a good cause needing their help. They shelter them in their refuge, it was used only as ground for gathering intelligence but not to start attacks. They believe it’s still covered by their neutral status of a “refuge” and it balances the recurrent agreement breaking from the president. The contract they have with the New Confederacy allow them to shelter who they want in peace.

On their side the Republic went to help to the Jedi order of Trandosha which they also believe are in need. The Vice Chancellor Ta’kara Darkmoon herself went in the refuge and demanded them to evacuate from Trandosha, which they refused. It’s unclear where is the Republic’s interest in evacuating people from this world. Kamino Troops which might have been with the Vice Chancellor told to GNN they received a call from help from the Jedi, without specifying help from what, and they couldn’t leave the call of someone “in need”. The Jedi however denied they sent such a call.

By the way, the situation of the refuge is insecure enough for the most vulnerable members to evacuate. However, the Jedi of the refuge also called the help of the Jedi from Dantooine for help at at least one occasion. They were offered a location by the Hutt in Nar Shaddaa. The Republic probably would offer them a place but they prefer to remain independent.

Wave of droid attack

Recently, the refuge also was attacked by a wave of droids, apparently from the Metus Imperia. Hidden into GONK power droids, they infiltrated the refuge and revealed to be combat droids. They tried to control the place but they were repealed by the defenders, an heterogeneous union of Jedi from Dantooine or other location, few Jensaaraii and even Death Watches. After three waves causing few injuries, the attacks stopped. The reason of this action is unknown.

Also the Refuge had a role in the arrest of the terrorist which bombed the New Confederacy Senate. Called Drake, he’s a former Sith with no current affiliation known. He’ll have bombed the Senate, apparently as a diversion during the droid attack. Held a time in the refuge, he handed himself to the law and should be judged soon.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Luna Tesoro
    June 7, 2012 at 2:41 PM

    To clarify, the move to Nar Shaddaa was an option, though not necessary extended by the Hutts. We are a bit unsure as to who made the offer, as it was presented to us by others involved.

  2. June 7, 2012 at 8:06 PM

    If the president has violated the neutrality contracts between the Confederacy and the local Jedi, I myself was unaware at the time of the previous interview. Though I myself sent out news of his death, which cannot be wrong as I saw him die.

    I’d still like to emphasize that although the local Jedi refuge is on friendly terms with the Republic, the New Confederacy (governing body of Trandosha) is at open war with the Republic.

    If the Republic would like to send dignitaries, they should contact myself or a council member to make the arrangements, for Republicans (especially militants) will be treated as outlaws and invaders if discovered on Trandosha without communicating through the proper channels beforehand.

    This goes for Kamino, and other Republican-allied governments and forces as well. I can provide diplomatic immunity to those who actually bother to go through the proper processes, but those who continue to sneak their way onto our planet will find themselves labeled criminals.

    • Sha'ira
      June 7, 2012 at 10:34 PM

      We will hold you to that then.

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