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Defender and Peacekeeper bill discussion in the Galactic Senate

June 11, 2012

Galactic News Network dispatched a reporter on Yavin 4 where they eventually learned of the senate met.

Yavin 4: The Galactic Senate met in Yavin 4 in the Jedi temple. It was presided by the Vice-Chancellor Ta’kara Darkmoon. The topic was the bill about the “peacekeepers” and “defenders”, which was introduced last time by the Senator Vandergraff, and especially the Jedi articles. Between the two meetings, the position apparently converged, but no decision was yet taken.

Galactic Senate in Yavin 4

The Senator Vandergraff explained she did not want to limit the Jedi activity with this bill but “impose some basic regulations on their activities, if they are to claim to represent the Republic.” If she agrees their actions were most of the time positives, sometimes they were not but still were associated with the Republic. Jedi can remain normal citizen if they wish, but whenever they would represent the Republic, they need to have a status.

The Queen Sunamoon of Naboo, present in the meeting, agreed and insisted the different Jedi and military groups working for the republic should have a better cohesion and communication. The Senator Vandergraff said the bill would improve the cohesion as the group would have to refer to the Chancellor.

The Senator Shan Connell recall the Jedi already caused incident with the Hutt in the past while disobeying to the Chancellor’s orders and she suggested the Jedi wanting to work in the name of the the Republic are part of a special council.

Vincent Harrakut, Sarai’kar of the Jensaarai pleaded to not retrain the Jedi too much since it would be wrongly perceived. The Senator Nasaji Oba said this legislation would only constrain the responsible Jedi while not giving means to control the maverick ones. The Senator Shan Connell suggested the council she proposed would be in charge of such control.

The meeting having lasted long and nobody having anything to add to the discussion, the session ended. The next one should start by the vote of the this long debated bill. Hopefully, the meeting location will be announced at time.

— Daana Kira