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Queen Raz’iah prepares to come back in Naboo

June 12, 2012

Reporters of Galactic News met the Queen Raz’iah in orbit around the planet Naboo.

Queen Raz’iah

The Queen Raz’iah, also known as Wanda, prepares to come back on her planet Naboo. This return might be disputed by other pretenders to the throne. Having ruled under the protection of the Sith Disciples of Ragnos, she claims she was forced to leave them the executive powers. Then she had to follow them after they evacuated the planet following their devastating raid on the City of Theed. While in Taspir III with the Disciples, she managed to form a secret alliance with another organisation, the “Galactic Empire.”

The Empire, which we recently reported their presence in Joralla helped her to leave the Sith control. With this new ally she plans to regain her throne in Naboo. Her return might not be easy, another Queen, Sunnamoon successor of Queen Adala also claims the Throne, justifying an election and supporters, notably in Theed. Queen Raz’iah disregard the other pretenders and is playing down their government efforts to fight the Sith.

Galactic Empire troops

Also she suspects Sith will oppose her return. Not certain of Theed will be safe, she plan to settle her capital soon in Lake Country. She wants the people to know the “real queen of Naboo is back.” Once she will be able to rule again, she will declare the neutrality of Naboo, which would include seceding from the New Republic. The security will be assured by the Galactic Empire which will be granted a base on the planet and will enforce the Naboo laws.

Queen Raz’iah sounds indisposed to share the rulership with the others that she considers pretenders. Hopefully this will not lead to another civil war.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. Queen Sunamoon of Naboo
    June 12, 2012 at 2:19 PM

    ” I have read through this article and can’t help but be shocked by this womans return to Naboo, after the government and its civilians evacuated the planet as a super storm was ravaging the regions, including lake country during this time. I am unsure as to this womans claims of orbiting Naboo, as she was not seen of on Ukio or the space station currently orbiting Naboo.

    Her return will be disputed as she intends to take control over the government of Naboo for her own purposes. Let me be very clear, Naboo is a republic world under a constitutional monarchy. The Galactic Empire is nothing more then an imperial group set un conquering and taking control of places through the means of force.

    You cannot walk into Naboo and force the people to submit to your dictatorship. The people of Naboo are Republic Citizens and as such, will be defended against foreign occupation and dictatorship by this false queen. With the current blockade, any citizens entering Naboo are postponed. We have well over 5,000 ships in the nabooan sector, protecting Naboo and neighboring planets in the system, during this blockade.

    This false queen can try to disregard the rights of republic citizens and their local government, but know this. That any action to take over Naboo space or the government of Naboo will be in clear violation and an attack on the republic soil. This goes to say that I would welcome this woman into the government and offer her a position if she had gone through the proper channels. But instead, she has taken her time to speak with the news and declare her intentions.

    Let it be known, any attempts to move into lake country and overthrow the government of Naboo and force the citizens of the republic, on republic soil, to submit to foreign dictatorship. Will not be tolerated and will be met with extreme prejudice. Naboo is a republic world and will remain a republic world. Once the storm is lifted, the blockade will be lifted and travel to and from naboo will commense.

    You can expect a civil war to break out of any infractions upon republic citizens is taken.

    Queen Sunamoon of Naboo

    ((OOC: (…)

    I want to also point out that Theed will be reopening soon once construction is completed on the new sim. Naboo will remain republic soil. ))

    ((Part of the OOC which should more likely be dealt privately was removed -DK))

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