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Comments after the Trandosha Meetings

June 16, 2012

After the New Confederacy Senate meeting, GNN reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide were able to file part two, after interviewing Linnefer of the NJO and the New Confederacy President, Voren Redden.

“After the New Confederacy Senate meeting concluded, whereby Republic officials had been invited to speak with Confederate members, we began to track down those that attended to get their point of views of what happened. Luckily we were able to speak with padawan of the New Jedi Order, Linnefer on Tython, who had accompanied Bengat Senator Shan Connell to Trandosha, as well as New Confederacy president Voren Redden who we found visiting Uvena Prime. Hopefully the two view points will give more insight into the conflict that has raged between the Republic and the New Confederacy and how peace can happen between the two sides.

NJO Padawan Linnefer speaking with reporters about the meeting on Trandosha where she was injured

Padawan Linnefer was at first reluctant to speak about what she saw because she hadn’t been cleared by the NJO to have attended, but she opened more up and gave a detailed account as to what she witnessed. The event that stuck most clearly in the mind of the padawan was the attempted shooting of the Bengat Senator by a visitor named Celtru. He had been vocal on his displeasure with both sides but especially the actions of the Jedi and Republic in this war. Pulling out a weapon he was able to smuggle into the meeting he fired several shots on the Senator and her delegation. Linnefer herself was injured when a blaster bolt hit her shoulder, but the wound wasn’t serious and she was glad the Senator wasn’t injured. She did confirm that the attacker was killed by the slug from the weapon of President Voren Redden.

After the atmosphere had calmed, talks continued. The padawan said the meeting was concluded by them agreeing on entering into peaceful talks at the Trandosha Jedi Refuge. Also they agreed upon the rules of war for the time being which includes the respect of those traveling under the flag of diplomacy, sparing of civilians whenever possible, and the proper treatment of prisoners. The padawan believed that if these promises could be kept then peace should be possible, otherwise the war would probably continue for a long time.

President Voren Rekken on Uvena Prime.

As luck would have it we met the Confederacy President on Uvena Prime and were able to obtain some of his viewpoints. He stated that part of the agreement from the Trandosha meeting was a ceasefire, which therefore allowed him to freely travel the Galaxy. As for the incident at the meeting where he killed a troublemaker, the President believes he was just someone viewing for attention and had no real motive or backing. He wasn’t aware how the man was able to smuggle a weapon inside the meeting but greater security measures would be taken next time.

The President had requested the Republic to the meeting to begin talks on the matter of peace. From his viewpoint the war began with the Republic handling citizens of the New Confederacy in an aggressive manner then ignoring talks that would have diffused the incident. Most likely the President was referring to the matter on Yavin IV involving a Death Watch member. Now he said these renewed talks were another attempt to discuss matters with the Republic. After the public meeting on Trandosha, the President stated he met with the Republic Senator Shan Connell and a temporary ceasefire was worked out until the full peace talks could be entered into. The ceasefire only covers the New Republic and the New Confederacy specifically. The allies of each such as the different Jedi orders, the Death Watch, and the Obsidian Dominion are still acting on their own accord though without the backing or in the name of their ally.

The President stated that future talks would be based on what the New Confederacy council and other leaders would agree on. As for himself, he’s ready to continue talks with Republic officials and would even be willing to meet on Republic territory though with armed guards. He was neither optimistic or pessimistic about the possibility of peace and was going with the flow for now.

It seems that there’s really no disagreement as to what was talked about at the meeting and that future peace talks will occur. Hopefully they will be fruitful and the disagreements that do exist like the reasons for the war can be overcome.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. Sha'ira
    June 16, 2012 at 8:47 AM

    “The allies of each such as the different Jedi orders, the Death Watch, and the Obsidian Dominion are still acting on their own accord though without the backing or in the name of their ally.”

    The Dantooine Guard and Jedi Enclave will be complying with the ceasefire.


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