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Traffic issue and Senator Elections on Tython

June 22, 2012

Reporters of Galactic News visited Tython to collect the latest news.

New Jedi Order in Tython

Some ships on Tython’s orbit were the targets of an “electronic attack knocking them out.” The area of effect is too narrow to be attributed to a natural phenomenon, instead the Jedi suspect an attack from an enemy of Tython or its allies such as the Republic or its army. Most likely candidates are the Tython Liberation Front, The New Confederacy or a Sith order, though investigation are proceeding with every lead. Little clue are collected so far, and any good will or witness is welcome to contribute to the investigations. For now, the traffic is supervised and rescue teams are ready to intervene in case of a new attack.

Still on Tython, an electoral campaign started to replace the former Senator Nasaji Oba. Galactic Senator Oba withdrew from her position for both personal and political reasons. She notably confided she disbelieved the New Confederacy’s good intentions when negotiating a truce with the New Republic, but wouldn’t want her presence to bloc this chance of peace.

So far two candidates are running. Link Algoma, deputy Senator, and Sapphire Tafo, which would already started her campaign. GNN expects to interview them as soon as possible.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. June 22, 2012 at 8:49 PM

    Of course I don’t believe the New Confederacy’s intentions. Let’s look at some of what has transpired.


    Here we see Redden claiming the following:

    “The President stated he wasn’t aware of any of the murders or conflicts other than the murder of the Vice-Chancellor by a rogue Confederate agent who was later tried and executed for the crime.”

    Which conflicts with the fact that Voren Redden himself sent death threats to the Vice Chancellor, personally took part in the abduction of her body double and a few others, then ordered Miss Darkmoon’s body double executed.

    “The New Confederacy didn’t remain passive meanwhile. Voren Redde, their president, sent privately a letter one day ago where he declared formally the war to the New Republic and its system “to fix their unruly lifestyle”. He added dead threads to the Vice chancellor in his letter.

    Voren Redden also ordered the kidnapping of half a dozen of Republic’s citizen hostages, probably unaware of a state of war. Then he went to Coruscant with Angeline Viola and asked the Vice Chancellor to follow them, menacing the life of the hostages, and even more if she did not comply. Despite some opposition in the Republic’s Rank, notably Hixal Aulus which tried to offer an alternative, Ta’Raka followed them with her escort.

    A reporter managed to climb in the ship and attended at the scene. In Trandosha, Voren presented the hostages, then after a short parley, he ordered to the troops massed at the spaceport they execute the hostage, the Vice Chancellor and her escort. The Republic’s member all died defencelessly. After the execution Angeline Viola commented the Chancellor will be next until the Republic surrendered.”

    Source: https://galacticnewssl.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/entangled-declarations-of-war/

    Then he presents what he believes to be the head of Vice Chancellor Darkmoon to Belutric the Hutt.

    “The first speaker was Voren Redden, president of the New Confederacy in war against the New Republic. He presented to the Hutt the head of the dead Vice Chancellor Ta’Kara Darkmoon. This illustrated their progresses of the war against the Republic. Voren told they can march in the republic’s capital and leave victorious and unharmed. Then he invited the Hutt to join the Confederacy take part to they campaign. They offering them, if they accept, to care of the administration of the “some high trade worlds” they plan the capture.”

    Source: https://galacticnewssl.wordpress.com/2012/05/17/between-trades-war-invits-itself-in-nar-shaddaa/

    A “rogue agent” was behind atrocities such as the attempted decapitation of the vice chancellor and executed? Well, I’ll agree that Voren Redden is a “rogue” in every sense of the word. And yes, he needs to be executed. But naturally, he’ll never execute himself.

    So, Redden is a liar. His new Ambassador, Mr. Kardel is either a fool for following him or he is fully in on whatever Redden is planning. Which I believe to be keeping his grubby paws out of the conflict while waging a proxy war through so-called “rogue agents”.

    Many in the Republic have no reason to trust the current NC regime. If Ambassador Kardel is sincere about peace as he claims, he should start by urging Redden to resign as President of the New Confederacy, at the very least.

  2. June 23, 2012 at 10:56 AM

    “for the record, the Hutt Council did meet about Redden’s proposal, I cannot speak for them. However Belutric did not find that little head throwing trick amusing at all and would like anyone inspired to throw heads at the Hutt Council in the future to please make them edible at least.”

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