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War Breaks Out in the Nazzri System

June 22, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide visited the Nazzrisystem where they were surprised to find the local city in ruins, seemingly having been the target of a large bombing campaign.

Smoke rises from a missile landing in the forests of Nazzri.

Nazzri: This once peaceful somewhat aloof system, is now undergoing a crisis where two of its several kingdom states are engaged in a deadly war. No where was this more evident than where a public market used to stand, now in a burning rubble. A local witness, who was surveying the damage and works for the Qabag kingdom at their research center, gave her perception of what had happened.

Nazzri is overseen by an Emperor, but the planet itself is split into fourteen autonomous kingdoms, each lead by a King. They look to the Emperor for direction and for him to conduct foreign policies, but each Kingdom acts on its own accord domestically. For the most part there had been peace between all the kingdoms, though this was shattered when Amrean Kingdom launched a surprise attack on the kingdom of Qabag.

Ruins left behind after the devastating attack.

Several thousands were killed in the initial assault, with many more expected as the chemical weapons continue to do their harm. Even at the time of this interview, there was still missiles being launched into the area. Unfortunately its unclear at this time why the attack occurred. The only explanation was that King Amra and Kin Hippias of Qabag have extended their personal dislikes of one another into a full-scale war. So far neither side have given any press releases nor have extended help to the wounded as calls out to neighboring systems continue for help.

So far the only safe areas are the holy grounds where the Nazzri’s deep religious beliefs bar them from attacking. The royals took refuge in this safe zones. This makes finding and speaking with them almost impossible as their personal grudges throw the citizens into a barren hell by forces who attack from distance and defense forces reluctant to leave the safe zones. Because there was no warning of an attack defense forces were at a minimum anyways.

Reporters assess the recently bombed area.

The rest of the planet is in a deep confusion as it was unthinkable these kingdoms where once allies and are still part of the same planetary empire would attack one another. The Imperial government itself has released to announcements nor have intervened either. There has only been an investigation to how the Amreans were able to stockpile weapons, but no details have been released to the public. No decisions have been made public either, as the general population tries to escape the bombings, fleeing into the rural areas, the religious sites, or neighboring kingdoms.

As the region becomes inhospitable, the Emperor and the rest of the kings seem to be biding their time to assess the best course of action to not cause the delicate situation to erupt any further or expand. GNN will cover any announcements made as well as the progress of the situation.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira