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Zeltros Pit Fight

June 26, 2012

Baby Girl made a freelance article on the pit fight following the Zeltros swoop race.

Fighters gathered at the land of pleasure, Zeltros to compete in the first Zeltros Pit Fight hosted by Queen Viera Lars.

Zeltos Pit Fight

Captain Scarlet wasted no time to step forward and fight in the first match. Even though it was a mixed crowd of Mandos, jedi and some less then savory types, no one stepped up to fight at first perhaps because they were intimidated by the woman who had just won first in the Zeltros Galactic. Swoop Cup moments earlier. Finally it was Baby Girl who accepted the fight and soon after losing was seen recieving a large sum of credits from the queen.

The next match was Captain Scarlet versus an unknown Jedi dressed in white robes and a dashing yellow cape. He too soon became a victom to the Captains fighting skills.

The final fight was the undefeated Captain Scarlet versus none other then Shivus Verne who everyone had been heckling to fight all night.

A feirce gun battle assumed, with both combatants taking to the sky via jetpack. In the end, it was Sihivus Verne who stood triumphant. Both contendants then returned and stood before the Princess and Verne was declaired the winner and awarded.

— Baby Girl