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GAR Reorganises New Base on Bakura

June 28, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to Bakura to learn about GAR’s recent missions.

Bakura: The Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) has regrouped at a new headquarters, where they are helping to strengthen a new area of the planet. However, they haven’t become lax in their roles, and several troopers have been seen conducting missions around the Galaxy. They say they’ve been engaged in mostly relief efforts, bringing food, medical supplies, and other aid to people around the Galaxy.

GAR troopers speak with the reporters.

As for their motivation now, Arc Trooper Wraith and Firehawk along with other troopers told that it was the duty of GAR to protect the citizens of the Galaxy. Once strongly allied with the New Republic to the point many saw them as the same entity they have since backed off somewhat from that relationship to act more independently, stating that they were never a member of the Republic, but that they would aid the Republic as they can.

Arc Trooper Wraith said that many had gotten confused of their roles with not only the Republic, but also with their relationship with Bakura. He stated that the GAR still acts independently from the government of Bakura. GAR has their own leadership while the system has theirs through a monarchy.

It was the decision of Bakura to pull out of the Republic to become more neutral and had nothing to do with GAR’s relationship with the Republic. They only help patrol the Bakuran streets and hold a headquarters there.

They therefore act on their own accords when deciding who to help or what conflicts to enter. Such as the recent conflict on Kashyyyk where they were called to help defend since they hold an outpost their. They fought the New Confederacy on their own accord not on behalf of the Republic, and claim victory in the battle. The troopers warned as long as the New Confederacy acts without rules and engage civilian targets, the GAR will be their to stand at the victim’s defense.

According to these troopers the GAR only wishes to bring peace to the Galaxy and to ensure the safety of the citizens. They act on their own but ally with like minded organizations such as the Republic.

Stay tuned for GNN’s report on a tour of the Bakuran facilities as well as an interview with the Bakuran officials.

— Rakkio Lowtide, Daana Kira