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Naboo and Entertainment at the Hutt Night

June 28, 2012

A reporter of the Galactic News passed the traffic Jam in Nar Shaddaa to attend at the Hutt Night.

The Hutt Night, public meeting of the Hutt Council clan happened in the Black Hole Casino and was led by Belutric, asissted by Shaka and Garon. Nawa was orchestrating the ceremony.

Passionated discussion

The first one called was Shade, officer in the Nasirii Hutt clan security. He wanted to talk briefly to report his investigation on the last meeting issue with a droid did not show any evidence of mischief from Naboo. However, the story bolted. A very long argument followed which involved people from Naboo royalty, Imperious of Ord Mantell, Disciples of Ragnos, Jedi undercover, Mandalorians, Death Watch, rogue battle or protocol droids, Revenant Armada, wounded or healthy Hutt often all talking in the same time or using the Force. At the end, Amelia a former ambassador of Naboo was backstabbed then jailed by the Hutt and the Queen Raz’iah of Naboo was put in custody by the Revenant Armada.

Hopefully, this case will be cleared soon.

Princess Luna

Once things calmed down the other guests made their announces. princess Luna of Zeltros and Lady Aella brought some gifts and invited the Hutt to the pit fight they organised with the Nasirii clan.

Lady Eris Astraea of Lady Astraea’s Massage Parlour, then announced she will organise, with the Narisii clan a soirée called “Lady Astraea’s Mud Pit Mayhem”. This event will occurs the day after the next Hutt Night in the upper city streets.

Lady Eris Astraea

She also advertised the expansion of her parlour, which prospered enough allow the building of soothing bathes.

Kerrilastia from the Port Retreat, a club in the Pallas Athena Station announced the local Pazaak tournament in a few days.

Still about Entertainment, Baby Girl, majordomo of the Narisii clan announced an upcoming race gathering the four best ranked of the Galactic Swoop Cup. Also she invited the crowd to go at Vera Secura’s for a party after the Hutt Night which was about to end.

— Daana Kira

  1. Morrigan Wemyss
    June 28, 2012 at 4:41 PM

    Thats because the Nasirii as a general rule are idiots. But, this not point, for the moment at least. Once the truth is known about the whole Naboo fiasco the queen will be free to leave. We do not jail innocent people after all. However, the wounding of a hutt is a serious matter, I’m afraid things will have to be handled relativly quickly. I’m sure the good people of Naboo being innocent as they claim to be, understand these things are, as pleasent as they are, needed.

  2. June 28, 2012 at 6:48 PM

    sets down her Hoth Chocolate, being slightly insulted by an ally faction making it hard to swallow. pulls out her datapad and replies: “So far, all I have heard is accusations and speculations. I asked for the prof of your charges against Shade and Nasirii days ago and so far all I have gotten is insults on my clan and accusations from people Nasirii hardly ever deals with. Let’s see some evidence besides heresay before we judge anyone.” Hits send and pulls out her death stick, she needs a smoke after that.

  3. Shaka the Hutt
    June 29, 2012 at 6:30 AM

    I did lose an arm, as was said many many times at the Council Meeting. A droid assigned to the Ambassadof Amelia of Naboo fired a missile at me at the end of Fight Club a few nights ago at nearly point blank range. Kay disabled the droid, Darth Sae’hal deflected the missile enough that only my arm was lost.

    The ambassador escaped and later made accusations against the Queen laying the droids hostility at her door. So we arrested both of them.

    All this started when the Queen promised the Hutts a gift and it never arrived. They accused the Disciples of stealing it and broke into the Disciples base on Ord Mantell to find it starting a battle in the Embassy there.

    At this time the Ambassador Smelia has been released and the Queen has escaped so I will be posting a bounty on her shortly. On her arm.

    Shaka the Hutt

  4. June 29, 2012 at 12:00 PM

    “In regards to the confusion about the Galactic Swoop Cup, the final race will happen in Lower Nar Shaddaa July 7th. Unlike all the other Galactic Swoop Cup races, this is the finale’ and not open to the public to compete in. Instead, the top 4 contenders and point winners will race for teh Galactic Swoop Cup itself, the one seen in teh posters, and a chunk of cash, I think 2,000 (( paid out in Lindens )), The following day, sunday teh 8th will be the award ceremony and victory party at Pallas Athena where teh awards will be handed out. Times have not been announced for either event, just the dates”

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