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Interview with Acting Tython Senator, Link Algoma

June 29, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide met with Link Algoma who is running for the Tython Senate seat to the New Republic.

Tython: Acting Tython Senator, Link Algoma gave an interview outlining his campaign platform. So far he’s up against Tython local Sapphire Tafo for the seat that was left open by the retirement of Senator Nasaji Oba.

With an extensive military and leadership background, Mr. Algoma was appointed by Nasaji Oba to take over her Senate position until elections could be held. Formally from Naboo, Mr. Algoma joined the Royal Guard in that system. Later in life he became a Mandalorian in Clan Fett and was with them until the clan folded. He then headed out on his own and joined the Yavin guardsmen who served Senator Rain. This position then put him contact with protecting other senators and becoming an adviser on Tython. He was then asked by the New Jedi Order to fill in for Senator Oba during the time she was kidnapped. After becoming the temporary Senator on Oba’s retirement he has now put in his bid to be elected to the position.

Acting Senator Link Algoma speaking about his campaign

He now runs on a platform of working with the Senate to protect the people of Tython. He also hopes to fight for Tython in economic matters both foreign and domestic. One matter he’s most passionate about is investigating the over taxation of the Tython people, that has resulted in the decline of jobs and business opportunities. He feels the local Tython government has mismanaged their resources and increased the taxes to an unheard level. He’ll work with the NJO, local government officials, and Republic officials to push for tax cuts up to 50%. This will help not only Tython but the Republic as well, allowing the system to better trade and provide services to other Republic worlds.

On the matter of defending Tython, the former Mandalorian is coming up with a plan to stop the terrorist attacks by the Tython Liberation Front, which he described as a terrorist organization. He states that he’ll work hard to bring them to justice. He’ll also look to work with ending the war between the New Republic and New Confederacy. However, it’s not exactly clear how he’ll work for that peace considering his hatred for the Death Watch who are strong members to the New Confederacy.

As for his opponent, Mr. Algoma believes that even though Miss Tafo is a local, people will see through her more self-centered campaign. He stated that the people are the backbone of the government and has proven that he works for them. He may be an outsider but he has worked hard to gain the trust of the Tython people and to serve them to the best of his ability. He doesn’t believe his opponent will take into account the people’s opinions such as he will. He explained that he has given his word to the people of Tython and will keep it no matter what happens.

In conclusion he reiterated that he will listen to the people and address their concerns. He looks forward to debating with his opponent and to election day where he sees a bright future for Tython.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

  1. L
    June 29, 2012 at 2:23 PM

    What he means by help bring a end to the war is he will play the game with the rest of the fools involved.

  2. Morrigan Wemyss
    June 29, 2012 at 4:33 PM

    As I recall tython is blessed with resources. Perhaps, the senator of tyhon would like to speak with our own Ms. Connell in reguards to this, while we certinally do not have the nature resources of such lush world as tython. I’m sure Bengat has something to tempt you into some kind of an agreement.

  3. Tython Liberation Front
    June 30, 2012 at 11:51 AM

    Congratulation Link. Having forced the Jedi to give back a part of the resources they stole to Tython is a great exploit. But more effort has to be done. Everybody blocking the proud march of the liberty for the people of Tython shall be removed.

    Tython Liberation Front

  4. Armande
    June 30, 2012 at 12:36 PM

    This is for the Liberation front…

    I would like to meet with you or get in contact with your cause. I am interested to know what it is your reason for your creating of the TLF. I will be on Tython later today at ( SLT 3pm ).

    I look forward to meeting you.

  5. Ryan Adams
    June 30, 2012 at 5:45 PM

    The poor lad got the job of a Senator and Governor confused. He also seems delusional as he believes Tython has taxes, or any sort of organized government. Sadly he is unaware that Tython is a puppet-dictatorship controlled by the NJO, and that there are no taxes, planetary organizations, or any number of people who work for the planet aside from a few diplomats, himself, and the governor. I really do wish he understood a single thing he was talking about, before he began speaking. Oh well, you can’t expect any guard or adviser to do a politicians job.

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