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Tython News: Uba Nant in custody and another ship attack

July 1, 2012

A reporter of the Galactic News Network returned in Tython

Zach Rodchester facing Uda Nant in the cell

Uda Nant is now in the custody of the New Republic cells. She is woman which forced the Tython blockade, carrying the then kidnapped Senator Nasaji Oba in the hold of her ship, the Fireskimmer. She explained she took her cargo from the Tython Liberation Front (TLF) for the account of the Zinn Vice Cartel. She said being unable to identify the TLF operative and the Zinn are nomadic too much to be located.

After this event, Uda Nant was found back in the neutral planet of Taris by the republic forces but left alone since she had no more the senator. Shortly after, she was announced treated in Taris hospital for spice overdose. She believes it was caused by a TLF agent following a disagreement between them and the Zinn, since they did not pay the agreed amount for the senator.

Now she’s recovered, Uda Nant surredered to the Tython authorities. Maybe she regrets her gestures, but most of all she feel insecure between the TLF, the Zinn, and the Togruta authorities also looking for her. She tried to find refuge in Mirial, the planet she grew with her family. Her father was a rich and influential trader which bankrupted. However Mirial declined to keep her, not wanting raise an issue with the Republic. She then had to resort to surrender to the Republic, even if, apparently she dislike their agents.

Still on Tython, on another topic, the NRGF captain Rodchester reporter another orbital attack. This time, the target a medical troop transport carrying dead and injured people from the battle of Kashyyyk. The investigation favour the track of the Tython Liberation Force.

Also, an debate between the two candidate for the senatorial elections would occurs tomorrow between Sapphire Tafo and Link Algoma would be organised tomorrow before the Senate meeting. We hope to be able to attend.

— Daana Kira