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Former Governor of Naboo Returns to Coruscant

July 3, 2012

Reporter Daana Kira met with former governor of Naboo, Otacon to speak with him about his recent activities since Naboois engaged in a power struggle.

Former Naboo Governor Otacon, now getting used to his new cybernetic body on Coruscant as a member of the Ilum Jedi Order

Former Ilum Jedi Otacon who later became Governor of Naboo returned to his former order to take up the Jedi way of life once again. He had been Governor from the time Queen Adala took her position who helped liberate the planet from the Disciples of Ragnos. Later he tried to form a peace between the Queen Adala and the Queen of Lake Country, Queen Raz’iah. A peace was had for a short period until the time of Adala’s replacement by Queen Sunamoon, and now a new round of aggression has occurred between those loyal to Theed and those loyal to the Lake country as the monarchs each vie for leadership of the entire system. In this atmosphere, Otacon began to think back to his days as a Jedi, not wishing to take part in the conflicts of Naboo any longer.

After his political duties ended on Naboo, Otacon didn’t seek any further offices due to his disagreement of how the politics were going and instead went into mediation. From this period he knew his destiny lay back on Coruscant with his old order. Upon arrival he was greeted warmly by Master Panelope Vella and Sensory and took up a position with the Ilum once again.

Since his return he’s been busy with helping to secure the planet, though a wave of New Confederacy ships did somehow bypass security and were able to bomb certain portions of the government sector. It was during one of these attacks, that Otacon was gravely injured but has since recovered with the help of extensive cybernetics. Though his body looks different the former governor still has the resolve to fight those he feels threaten the peace and has since helped secure Coruscant from further attacks. As for Naboo, GNN will cover the events there as they progress and report on who the new leaders are.

— Rakiko Lowtid, Daana Kira

  1. Queen Sunamoon of Naboo
    July 4, 2012 at 12:44 AM

    Queen Sunamoons responce:

    Greetings and well met viewers of GNN. I feel I need to reply to this article that was recent written. As some things are rather quite confusing things and I believe this is no fault of the reporters, information construed at times as not all facts can be present of some articles. This gives me room to explain abit more to the viewers on what is going on, here in the Naboo System.

    But first, to praise the wonderful Otacon. He has been such a treasure and joy to be with, even though he has moved on to a humbled path. He is a true jedi in heart and I wish him the best. The door is always open for you in my home as you are a true friend. Thank you for Illum Jedi Order on Coruscant for taking him in and taking care of him. He is quite an amazing man and will be a great addition to the wonderful order on Coruscant.

    I am happy that you have recovered very well. The augments are quite facinating and I am happy you are alive and well. It is amazing what the intelligent minds of the galaxy are able to come up with these days. It is most likely sensory industries behind this. Such a lovely place on Coruscant.

    Currently Naboo has been going through a construction phase as well as a development one. Currently we are wanting to centralize on the arts and entertainment. As well as possibly bringing spiritual gurus of different forms of meditation and train of thought. We are a theologists who has been away for awhile as he is on a mission. When he returns seek him out in Theed or look him up in the local listing. He is definitely a mind worth listening to as he is one of the many great minds that you can find, here in the Naboo system.

    The independence of the colony of New Restuss, on Rori, has made further success. With the economy growing, it is amazing to see the work of so many great individuals, working for the betterment and at becoming full fleged republic citizens. The moon of Rori orbits the world of Naboo, The Royal House of Naboo owning the moon but opening it up and giving the colony its independence and freedom to not be under the reign of the monarchy.

    The people of Rori are great people. You can visit the many characters and possibly get a real paying job. It is a great opportunity for a thriving community that is seeking to become republic citizens, as is their right to. The people of New Restuss on Rori are our neighbors and as such we treat neighbors like family. The Naboo system is about unity and peace amongst one another.

    Helping our fellow man to the best of our means. I am proud to be Queen of Naboo because the people of Naboo, are united together. Those who say other ways or contort the truth to make headlines, we will correct this. For the people of Naboo are together and united under the republic. Please visit Rori and support their addition into the galactic senate.

    For together, we are The New Republic.

    Long Live The Naboo System and Long Live The New Republic.

  2. Morrigan Wemyss
    July 4, 2012 at 4:55 AM

    Honestly neither queen has done much to proove their ability to govern Naboo. Howeveer, as much as it pains me to say this Sunamoon at least seems happy to stay on Naboo and leave the rest of us to our lives, the same can’t be said of her rival. I do find it odd, however, that a jedi would turn his back on a cause he was until recently backing. Prehaps in time the former governor would be kind enough to explain his reasoning.

  3. July 4, 2012 at 10:57 PM

    (( Does he know we know that he’s just wearing a MGS4 Raiden avatar? ))

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