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Rancor Numbers Increase on Dathomir

July 7, 2012

GNN Reporters, Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide traveled to Dathomir to speak with Lady Kia about the recent news in the system.

As Rancors return to the Crystal Lake on Dathomir, a mother can be seen protecting her nest.

Dathomir: As the different Nightsister clans prosper on Dathomir a recent phenomenon had clan mother Lady Kia worried. For several weeks the number of Rancors near the main Nightsister settlement have been dwindling. The reasons were unknown but, lady Kia stated the goddesses must be pleased now as they have returned, which was apparent as we toured the area, with several Rancor families within close proximity.

Lady Kia hypothesized that the Rancors main food source, large aquatic creatures, had moved for some reason but were also no back. The Nightsisters, as mentioned in previous news stories live in a symbiotic relationship with the Rancors, being able to befriend and train these intelligent creatures that can even learn basic skills such as reading. Visitors though should be wary, especially if they aren’t around a Nightsister to calm the Rancors. Even with a guide its unwise to approach a female guarding its nest.

Teninista shows off her large Rancor companion.

The Nightsisters are happy to be able to take care of the Rancor families now, and Lady Kia stated that any poachers found will face a very painful death. As we toured, we met another Nightsister, Teninista, who was proud to show off her Rancor mount which was specially bred to be stronger larger and better armored. Several of the Nightsisters have been breeding these beasts to be even stronger so that they’ll be even more ready for any conflict.

As for other news, a recent crashed ship on Dathomir has been removed by their allies from Pallas Athena. The ship had crashed in the Crystal Lake, though the reasons are yet unknown though it could be due to some of the violent storms found in the system. The only survivor is in critical condition and is being treated by the Nightsisters, but is unable to speak at the moment.

Another rumor was that A Naboo princess was kidnapped by Pallas Athena and was being kept on Dathomir. Lady Kia said she had no knowledge of this, but there are several clans around the planet that act on their own, though she hadn’t heard any mutterings about the matter. The only captives Lady Kia’s clan has is a Zabrak slave, though they were hosting a fellow witch sister and her slave who had returned back to Dathomir after a long period. This one has returned back to her clan.

Lady Kia is looking forward to speaking to the Senate on behalf of the CIS. She has also met with other factions such as the Disciples of Ragnos, though nothing came of their meeting. She has no plans to enter anyone else conflict that doesn’t involve Dathomir directly. We wish her luck and are glad to see the Rancor numbers increase.

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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    July 7, 2012 at 2:21 PM

    -com- This is Kaarsa Stareater, I would like to point out tha it was not the Pallas Athena you kidnapped the Princess, it was the Adas Dominion, or better said myself.

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