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Fall of the Crime Lord, Sihivus Verne

July 9, 2012

Galactic News Network’s  Coverage on the Incident over Ord Mantell.

Sihivus Verne has been a notoriety of the galaxy for some time now. When the idea of her apparently promoting peace and sincerity came about, it was somewhat of a surprise to many.

A party was organized upon her flagship above Ord Mantell, the Teal Masquerade, as several notable guests arrived. Figures from the underworld, Republic, and even as far as the Trayus Academy showed face, not expecting of what should have been suspected.

Soon after arrival, the party revealed itself to be a simple ruse. Witnesses state that Verne decided to make a rather interesting monologue, as she detonated several explosive devices around the galaxy. This of course, was to the surprise of most gathered. Verne’s plan, however, seemed to go wrong in one or two ways as several of the containers had not yet reached their destinations, and she had detonated many, seemingly prematurely, simply destroying carrier ships. From a would be thirty worlds, the target was lowered to a simple four.

End of the Teal Masquerade

Outraged and surprised by this, all parties involved became quite hostile. Firefights broke out on many ends, and individuals ranging from Jes’tula Tor’dok to Keshani Liana were in charge of keeping the crowd under control. This plan of course, did not go over as planned either. A few of the guests took to defending the non combatants, as Alex Kardel and Angelique Black pursued Verne to a room beyond. During the battle, explosions were heard within the ship and alarms started to sound as the ship was beginning to lose altitude.

Unable to receive any footage of what took place back there between Vern, Kardel, and Black, they were seemingly victorious in their efforts as all successfully evacuated ship before impact with the city below.

Sadly, all bodies were charred beyond any form of recognition, but at this time, it is safe to assume that Verne and much of her crew has perished.

More news upon the situation to come, including the planets that were hit by Sihivus Verne’s attack.

— Muaz’akka’nomik

  1. July 9, 2012 at 1:38 PM

    Thank to Muaz’akka’nomik for his first article!

  2. Sha'ira
    July 9, 2012 at 4:11 PM

    No way…

  3. Morrigan Wemyss
    July 9, 2012 at 4:16 PM

    I can assure you it is fact. From what i gather ms. Verne had simply lost her mind. When some one is unable to listen to reason, often times unfornate things happen.

    • July 9, 2012 at 4:25 PM

      I had always guessed Verne was deeply narcissistic(which is actually a defense mechanism against and even deeper self-loathing), the way she always referred to her self in the third person and all. But I had no idea she was capable of something like this.

    • Ver'an
      July 9, 2012 at 6:44 PM

      To play devils advocate, two opposite points can be made, with both being utterly reasonable in presentation, planning, risk factors, and investment but yet each born of radically different ideals and thus seem unreasonable to the other side. Reason, thus, is as subjective as ones own viewpoint.
      This said… the incompetence displayed by this woman with the premature detonations of the explosives before their delivery, as well as not having adequate security on her own ship despite a great number of potentially hostile unknown persons, AND the stupidity of the woman for blowing her own ship up.. I can say the following with a good deal of confidence..
      … Nothing of value was lost.

      • Jes'tula Tor'dok
        July 10, 2012 at 7:04 AM

        Adequate security? Are you not sure that this isn’t what Verne intended to happen? You know she blew up her own ship’s reactor, yes? Maybe this was a suicidal effort in itself. Regardless, she had quite enough Security at her side, what with Myself and her second-in-command, Kes. She told us not to follow her back and keep the guests all in the main room. Alex Kardel and Angelique Black followed her back as she was -already- dealing with them anyways. Kes and I held off the rest of the Guests, whom for some reason got all their jimmies rustled and wanted to fight.
        Made no sense. But one thing you can say, Sihivus’s main goal was to make news. And look, she did. That there shows she is not incompetent.
        Maybe she didn’t want massive loss of life and only targeted a few planets that have messed with her in the past? Ever think on that, my friend?

        Sihivus Verne will be missed sorely.

  4. Ardeth Shev'la
    July 10, 2012 at 12:23 AM

    ((It seeems that are happening lot of demises or retreats from rp , in last period))

  5. (Captain) Alex Kardel
    July 11, 2012 at 6:35 AM

    Sihivus was like a sister to me. I regret having to kill her, yet one cannot simply have a shrine of themselves built in their office and get away with it. Yes, there were explosions and such; I take partial credit for sabotaging the ship when I exploded a large portion of it. Rest assured that I only did so to save the galaxy from that egotistical shrine she had built; it was just plain creepy.
    No, I’m not a super hero. I’m merely a man who walks around with bombs maglocked to himself.
    On a more serious note, the underworld lost one of its powerhouses and the galaxy lost one of the most charismatic, if bantha shit crazy, people to date.

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