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News Release: Grand Ball in Rori

July 11, 2012

Galactic News Network received an accounting of the Grand Ball of Rori.

News Release from Rori

The Ball entrance

The Ball of New Restuss, in Rori was a great event with almost no incident. A misunderstanding however caused the depart of Voren Redden the President of the New Confederacy before the ball really begins.

After everyone arrived, some guests expressed their concern about the attendance of non Republic allied, such as Darth Nessa Kryloth, the Sith Queen of Ziost, or the President of the New Confederacy and a few others.

Many guest in the ball room

The reason was explained by one of their host, the Jedi Kei-Rebu Jinn, when he held a speech to the guests and recalled the two main purposes of the events. First, It would allow all the invitees to get away from the drama and stress of their responsibilities, and enjoy a wonderful evening. Second, he expected to the guests non allied to the Republic would also have a fun momment and would consider to join the organisation later. Rori wanted to take advantage of their current neutrality to gather different factions which could put their differences aside during the event.

Then the Naboo Queen Sunamoon took the floor to speak on the independence of Rori and peaceful relationships with her planet.

With the rest of the night starting with joyous conversations and laughs. The event was sadly disturbed by the poisoning of a Jedi, still unknown at the moment. He died despite the efforts deployed to try to save him.

  1. faardor
    July 12, 2012 at 12:40 PM

    (( this was a really big, formal event finally something non traditional like the well im going to be crude here, slut walks and fashion shows. Yet it was way more active then all of those so I certainly regained seom hope in the community. Good event. ))

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