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Series of Explosions in the Galaxy

July 11, 2012

A series of explosion happened in several places in the Galaxy.

Several explosion occurred almost simultaneously across the Galaxy. It’s too soon yet to know if they are connected. The investigations are still going on.

Fire in Tython

On Tython, as it was already reported, Two explosions gone off in villages across the planet and one hit the Republic’s Guard station. According to an early report of the Tython Holonet, “the flames have been put out and the numbers are rolling in so far injuries are in the hundreds so far 20 are dead, 30 missing, with numbers still coming in.” The fires took everyone by surprise and took a long time to be eventually put off. Even if nobody claimed the attacks and no direct witness of the events was yet found, the suspicion turns to the Tython Liberation Front. The Jedi Master Marsh Solo sworn he’ll not rest until until partys are behide bars and in front of the courts, naming in the same time the padawan kidnappers of Trandosha.

Shuttle crashed in Zeltros

On Zeltros, a bomb was detonated in a shuttle which crashed in an entrepot. The disaster caused the death of dozens of people and many casualties. Amongst them Queen Viera Lars was injured while helping and putting the fire off, her state was not yet communicated. King Kash Lars cared of the stricken area and ensured the fire will be under control. The authorities suspect Sihivus Verne, from Ord Mantell, to have caused this attack from Ord Mantell, although they don’t know what would be her motivation. Their priority was to contain the fire and they have not yet decided of their reaction, waiting to have news from the Queen.

Rori spaceport

On Rori, a moon of the planet Naboo, an explosion blew up the cantina. Ranger General Kyle Asbrink, did not want to point a finger on someone as long as the forcenics still going over the evidence. The cantina not bonding dangerous mater, it is probably caused by a bomb. This one may have left during the ball few days ago, but it would be hard to question the guests which came from several parts of the Galaxy. Fortunately, it exploded during off-hours and no victims are deplored. The building would be renovated and would likely to reopen in a few days.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. (Captain) Alex Kardel
    July 11, 2012 at 1:00 PM


    Culprit found. Culprit dead. Read the holonet before claiming Trandosha did this.

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