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Heavy fights reported in Nar Shaddaa

July 12, 2012

Reporter of Galactic News went at the traditional Hutt meeting, the Hutt Night in Nar Shaddaa.

A large audience at the meeting

Nar Shaddaa: The Hutts gathered at the Black Hole Casino in Nar Shaddaa for their meeting a bit sooner then usual. Shaka the Hutt was presiding over the ceremony, helped with Issulla. The sequels of the quarrel during the last meeting were visible. No Majordomos were present, instead, a HK droid was in charge of the protocol and the clan Nasirii was absent.

Issulla first made an announcement about her clan, the Odominic Hutt Kajilac, and that they were looking for a Majordomo. Those interested might apply to their headquarter in the lower city. Then Shaka paid a homage to Sihuvus Verne, which died recently, presenting her a a friend, even if she caused some excesses.

Lady Eris Astraea and Vakeva’s majordomo talking to the Hutts

People watched at each other and the meeting was about to be closed when the majordomo of Vakeva the Hutt took the floor. He first gave a large amount of credits to Shaka and told they wanted to expand their cybernetics, ship design and production business to the trade of slaves. He also asked for reparation about a cargo they lost on the moon.

According to him and the record he provide, this ship was hit by a missile fired in the upper city by Shade, a security enforcer of the Nasirii clan. Apparently he was fighting against a Zabrak with heavy weapons and explosives, causing a great danger in the city. He tried to protect some of the people, notably Eris Astraea, owner of the massage parlour but left other, such a Morrigan to fend for themselves. Eris was called and detailed Shade was acting on behalf of Belutric, which the investigators found out Hyx was the murderer of their majordomo Baby Girl.

Shaka and Darth Abyssus was stunned of the level of violence even for Nar Shaddaa and wanted Shade put under arrest if he came back in the moon. Shaka would meet Vakeva soon and will invite Belutric if ever if they want to come too. The meeting then ended.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide