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Senate Meeting in Coruscant

July 16, 2012

Reporters of the Galactic News went in the Republic Senate meeting, in Coruscant.

The Senate of the New Republic gathered in the renovated building of Coruscant. It was presided by the Vice Chancellor, Ta’kara Darkmoon. The Chancellor Downz was still in sick leave, although there is good hope he will recover soon.

The Vice Chancellor first announced the Project Exodus, the superweapon built in Susevfi is now declassified. Also Link’s Algoma is waiting for his verdict. Apparently the trial was unpublicized, adding it to the list of noted anomalies to constitution and the public liberties. No senator took the floor and after a long silence, the topic switched to Rori’s ball.

Rori is a moon of Naboo and its colony of New Restuss is applying to the Senate. They organised a ball which was originally announced for the moon’s and the republic’s allies. Other guests came in, notably the Queen of Ziost in the Sith Empire and the President of the New Confederacy, in declared war against the Republic. Many senators were chocked of their presence, some other appreciated they may improve the relationships.

The Senate

Rori’s application also posed problem since only the New Restuss colony applies and not the whole moon. As is, it invalided the application.

On the Jedi advisor Marsh Solo’s request, the Vice Chancellor came back on the incident in her office. She only confirmed it was her blood in the office, and she’s doing well now thanks to her species metabolism. The case is handled by the Minister of Defense. No other details was revealed.

The adviser Nym of Ukio announced his planet was currently combating giant fire, sequels of Sihivus Verne’s bombing of the planet. This stopped a relief program they carried out in the Deep Core. Other worlds, notably Naboo, proposed to relay the program and to assist Ukio providing medical supplies and fire fighting equipment. A vote was made in this sense.

Next vote, at Senator Shan Connell initiative, halved the rate of senate meetings in the future.

Vincent Harrakut from Susevfi then announced the superweapon of the Project Exodus was being scuttled since a dozen of days at the request of the Vice Chancellor. The last part, the Capital Ship Hirio, will but scuttled in a few days, in a public event where the Senators are invited.

Lastly, the Queen Sunamoon of Naboo expressed her concern about the Lake Country opposing faction, which she claim, are allied to the Death Watch. She believed her kingdom will be able to face, but asked the Republic support if they were invaded. The new Senator Elensar of Endor’s moon drew the senate attention on the recent attacks by the Disciples of Ragnos on her moon. She expected a reaction of the Republic. The Senator Connell proposed to lead negotiation with the leaders of the disciples.

This ended the meeting. We expect to enlightened the obscure points in an interview with the Vice Chancellor Ta’kara Darkmoon, scheduled in the next days.

– Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide