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DOR Keeps to the Promise of Trying Eradicate the DJE

July 18, 2012

Reporters Daana Kira and Rakiko Lowtide were on Dantooine to witness the aftermath of a DOR raid there.

DJE prepares to defend their home.

Dantooine: Smoke filled the night air as we walked through the fields near the Jedi temple. Bodies and equipment were strung around, as working droids began their unglamorous job of clean up. For a while it seemed the only movement was the occasional medical droid or medical personnel checking on the condition of one of the fallen. This was the scene after the devastating raid by the Disciples of Ragnos who kept to their word that they were going to eradicate those they considered hypocrites of the force.

The attack had been fierce as the DOR’s Arch Lord led his men against the Jedi. Saber met saber as the hum of other weapons broke the silence and the flash of blaster fire enlightened the air. Only preliminary discussions of betrayal and arrest were had before the two armed groups fought each other based on one’s ancient grievances, the other trying to defend their home. And with that the battle was over.

Arch Lord leads his troops into battle.

Most of the bodies encountered were lifeless, the young padawan or Jedi meeting his end. It took a while for the surreal scene to end as survivors began to regroup and more help came to assist the wounded. The first to recover began pointing reinforcements to the injured, many of which whose moans were finally being heard. As equipment and Jedi began pouring in, one could hear the low voices of the survivors speaking about this padawan falling, this knight being killed, or this other turning to the darkside. It take a while to figure out the true damage, but from the rumors it seems at least one or two of the more famous Dantooine Jedi met their end this night.

The battle commences.

It’s also unclear how many the attacking party lost, but they were able to escape the planet under the heavy barrage of defense systems. Over the coming of days, the DJE are going to have to evaluate the system’s defense installations. Once things have settled GNN will seek a formal announcement as to the loss of this most recent raid. Hopefully a more descriptive announcement of the DOR will be made as to the reasons and objectives of this latest attack, because its unlikely even they could sustain a long campaign of random violence in the hopes of destroying their enemies.”

— Rakiko Lowtide, Daana Kira

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