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Load of Hutts at Hutt Night

July 19, 2012

Several Hutt attending

Galactic News Network reporters went to Nar Shaddaa for the Hutt Night, the gathering of the Hutt Clan council.

The Hutt Night gathered this time the largest number of Hutt since a long time. Seeing all these Hutt on the Black Hole cantina contrasted with the meetings’ disunion. Belutric took the central seat and welcomed Morrigan, which was anchoring the event. Shaka, Garron, Soo’ga, Jengaz, Issulla, Vakeva and the little Ge’ta were also in attendance.

Vakeva the Hutt and Hyx

The first speaker was Hyx, working for Vakeva, which offered for Shaka and wanted to pay a compensation to Bellutric to compensate the damages caused to the Nassiri’s lead enforcer Shade’s equipment. Bellutric, recalling Hyx was involved in Baby Girl’s demise rejected any business with him in a cavalier fashion. Hyx however claimed his rounds were not lethal, but Bellutric insisted. Vakeva acknowledged the compensation wasn’t necessary moved forward and said his surprise Shade was attending while a bounty was set at last meeting on his for destruction in the Upper City. The tension rose momentarily, although at the end, Bellutric invited Vakeva to a business discussion later and without Hyx.

Lady Yuri Takasi

The next one invited to speak was lady Yuri Takasi of Alpheridies, which offered several bottled drinks to the council, expecting their assistance to find out a Krayt Dragon pearl for the lightsaber of her master, Darth A’miras. She was ready to offer a shard of Void Stone, a rare item she claims is able to dampen the usage of the Force in its surrounding. To show her good faith, she wanted to show the stone kept in a isolated bag. Jay drew a blaster and wanted to take the stone at Lady Yuki’s displeasure. People in the crowd insisted for Yuri’s deal was followed, since they were confident they would be able to find the pearl.

After this event, The Nasarii clan announced Lady Eris Astraea, owner of a massage parlour in the upper city, is their new Majordomo.


Draclyn, an attorney from Tython, then approached. He represented Sapphire Tafo, senator candidate, which wanted to propose a business to the Hutt Council. To improve the economy, she wants to build a nature preserve and house a theme park centered around a recently spotted Terentatek, a dangerous huge creature. It would host other similar rare creatures. Rides, shows and creatures displays will be organised. Sapphire Tafo needed investors to carry out this project. It will start by building the preserve and the facilities. The Hutt, especially Bellutric, were enthusiastic of this idea and the possibilities of the park. Many though about to take shares or propose new creatures and entertainments.

Jes’tula Tor’dok and his prisoner

The next one was the pirate lord Jes’tula Tor’dok, who brought a cuffed Chiss, Muhat’rava’reuit, which he presented as a sleeper agent from the Metus Imperia. The Hutts were willing to pay but wanted evidences. Jes’tula stated he had surveillance feeds of the Chiss interacting with a known Metus Imperia agent, although the captive claimed he was an official from the Republic and the pirate hijacked his ship and killed his crew mates. Jes’tula said he had a datapad showing evidence and the Hutts agreed to pay and ordered the their guards to put the prisoner in cell.

Master Marsh Solo

The last one was Marsh Solo, from the New Jedi Order in Tython. He heard by the Chancellor of the Republic one of the Hutt, actually Shaka, was at the Trial of Link Algoma and wanted to have the transcript from him. Marsh believe it would be a mistrial, notably since it was irregularly formed. None of his peers were present and he assumes such a trial shall be handled by the Republic. Shaka said he sat as judge because he was invited to, he believed to have done good work. He hadn’t kept the transcript the event but assumed Susevfi had since they record a lot of things.

Earlier during the night, Shaka announced Link Algoma, Senator of the Republic, would be condemned notably to work for his majordomo as well as the “victims” (rumoured to be mandalorians.) and to a fine. The tribunal is expected to issue a formal statement, but have not yet. This was the next episode of this “public trial”, Susevfi’s laws special.

This last visitor concluded the Night, the Hutt and their guests progressively retired.

— Daana Kira, Rakiko Lowtide

  1. July 20, 2012 at 12:15 AM

    ((“The next one was the pirate Jes’tula Tor’dok, which brought a cuffed Chriss, Muhat’rava’reuit”, his race is Chiss not Chriss:) ))

    • July 20, 2012 at 9:55 AM

      ((Fixed, thank you))

  2. Senator Elensar
    July 20, 2012 at 10:49 AM

    (( If you throw salt on a hutt,does it shrivel up? ))

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